*Sunday’s Work*

It’s funny to look out the winter and see spring in full swing and be inside listening to Christmas music and painting Christmas characters, but that is what is at hand this afternoon here at the little house!

I can’t truly forget its spring of course, especially with the spring storms swinging through the area. This weekend has been plagued with heavy and severe storms, although the area I’m in has been pretty unscathed by anything bad. Just lots of rain, thunder, lightening, everyone piled up in the bed together and snuggling it out. I think the next few days will be relatively quiet though, and hopefully still on the cool side so I can enjoy some afternoon walks between painting snow and holly 🙂
The piece I’m working on this afternoon is a pair of tomtes (or tomtenisse. Or Nisse. Or Tonttu depending on what area of Scandinavia you hail from). Tomtes are mystical little creatures, much like a gnome, in Scandinavian folk lore. These little folk often protect homes and children and sometimes finish farmers’ work for them in the dead of night. In the last few centuries this little magical character has evolved to be the bringer of gifts at Christmastime, and so I’ve painted a jolly tomte couple who will be holding a festive ‘god jul’ banner.
I’m still very enthralled with learning about Scandinavian art and culture and using it my own art. I’m hoping a visit to Lindsborg, Kansas happens sooner rather than later, and we’re looking into a little family trip. I’d also love to hear from any of you, my lovely readers, residing in Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. I’d love to hear about your town, your traditions and every day life. If you’re so inclined, my email is audreyeclectic@gmail.com. As always, I love to hear from all of you, no matter where you reside!
Well, there’s rain again outside.It’s pattering against the window and the Christmas carols on Pandora are coaxing me back to my work.
Til next time~

12 thoughts on “*Sunday’s Work*

  1. I have been fascinated with Tomtes as well.Even though my husband's family was Norweigen, they never taught the kids about this tradition. So when my children were small and I read up on the traditions to include in our family celebrations, Tomtes were a bit hard to figure out how to include as a new tradition when we already had St.Nicholas Day and Santa Claus. And Lindsborg, Kansas is a must see!! Oh, I would love to get a photo next to one of the wild Dala Horses!! Too cool. I hope some of your readers weigh in with more information on Scandinavian tradions at Christmas. Your painting today is very fun! Can't wait to see the finished product.


  2. I love all the Scandinavian inspired pieces you have been doing lately. It's such a good idea to start getting your Christmas work done early, I am always behind at that time of year.


  3. Winnie, What a fun tradition for you and your children! I think its a fun thing to celebrate, and tomtes can be enjoyed all year round I think, as benevolent and helpful little folk. The painting is getting closer and closer to being finished, cant wait for you to see!


  4. Thanks Sidereal Day! Im glad you're enjoying the scandinavian pieces 🙂 I hate feeling behind during the holidays, so I'm trying to work on it now…hope it works! hehe!


  5. Heather! I am so happy to have found your blog. You and I share so many interests! And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it made me happy. How nice that you like Tasha Tudor too. I have a gorgeous book on her dolls house. Will definately follow your blog. Will also e-mail you soon about some of my swedish traditions 🙂 *Love Sara*


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