She was in love with roses…

Oh, my little readers– are you sick to death of pictures of roses yet? Please, indulge me one more time (I’d say last, but who am I kidding…) it’s like every spring they bloom and it’s like I’ve never seen them before. Nothing like a gray monotonous winter to make you want to photograph every blooming thing you see like you were in love with it.

Everything looked so pretty this morning when I went out to feed the rabbits. That rolling green pasture (there’s a creek in the middle of it, though its hard to tell) is where I like to pick a nice breakfast salad for the buns, which sounds romantic, but is filled with nervous thoughts of “please, don’t let a spider be in this patch of clover…” 😉
It was just so bright and pretty and bursting with springtime, after all these days of gray storminess, that I had to snap a few shots.
Well, today I have a little one home with a stuffy head from allergies. Probably wont get much painting done, but I’ll try to sneak a little time. That’s how I used to do all this when she was home with me, now I’ve been spoiled by long blissful school days! Hope your week has started well, and that you get a little treat at some point in the day.
I just got the new Kate Morton book at the store too. Obsessed? Of course! She makes me want to paint gardens, perhaps I’ll take a break from my diligent Christmas work and snatch a moment to paint some flowers….

10 thoughts on “She was in love with roses…

  1. Thanks for the head's up on Kate Morton. I had never heard of her but took this opportunity to check out her books on Amazon and they sound like just what I was looking for to read this summer!!!Oh and how can anyone have to many roses? I love to look at them and grow them and use them in crafts!Have a good day with the poor little one with the sniffles.Tina xo


  2. Remember the Frank Sinatra song— Roses, Roses, Roses I thank all the Roses that bloom in the spring. Love is a beautifull thing. The rest of my life I will bring her roses and roses of love! Nope, never tire do roses!


  3. I've been obsessing over my roses too! This is the first year I actually cut them way back and they look so much better. I got this amazing yellow & pink tea rose that I wish I could take with me when we move. 😦


  4. Hi Heather! I really like Kate Morton too, I have read all her books! There is another book I think you would enjoy, it´s called The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. And Tasha Tudor- yes isn´t she an inspiration! Her life is almost an artwork in itself. I have ordered a book on her that I can´t wait to get in my hands. It´s called The Private World of Tsha Tudor. Sara xxx


  5. Roses are indeed so lovely. I can never tire of looking at pretty flowers. Everything is in bloom in the yard now…even our Forget-Me-Knots – and we didn't think they were perennials. I even saw a butterfly today!


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