We came! We saw! We admired Dala Horses!
And what an adventure it was. More adventure than we’d bargained for in some ways, with our little one getting sick, but I’m so glad to to have finally seen this little town that I’ve heard so much about. And to see so. much. Swedish stuff! In one place! We were up to our necks in Dala horses and tomtes and Scandinavian flags. It was marvelous!

    Audrey was really excited to see all the horse statues around town, and was quite impressed with this epic-sized St. Lucia in front of Hemslojd on Main Street Lindsborg. Actually, most of the shopping in the town was in a neat 2 block area of Linsborg. It is a tiny little town, but packed full of such personality. The downtown streets are all brick, with wide lanes and sidewalks made for promenading. 

   When we arrived Saturday afternoon it was a beautiful day– sunny and clear and a perfect temperature of not too hot, not too cold. Surprisingly, there weren’t many people out shopping in town. I’m wondering if Lindsborg really shines during its festival times. There were many little shops, but also several that were inexplicably closed for business in the middle of a Saturday. But those that were open were very friendly and laid back and packed full of Swedish goodness (with a smattering of other Nordic country items for good measure).

    We stayed at the Swedish Country Inn right in the midst of downtown and I have to say I think this was probably the best digs in town. It’s a B&B run out of one of the old buildings there in town, and it’s beautiful. They’ve really done a great job giving the place the Swedish feel with lots of Swedish furniture, decor, and food. It was really clean and the service was good. Downstairs was a main sitting room with a fireplace and coffee and lots of books to browse through. We stayed on the second floor in one of the smaller rooms, a family of 3 sleeping in a full-size bed….but it was cozy 🙂 and the room was nice:

   We were all pretty taken with the folding wooden shutters on the windows. What fancy contraptions! And everything had little folk art flowers painted on them. And you know I love that!

   After we settled in we went walking down town, visiting the shops, and I tried not to get too overwhelmed by instant access to all the random and kitchy things that I never dreamed I’d see all in one place. St. Lucias here! Tomtes there! You want straw ornaments, well, look right here! Carl Larsson– a whole shelf! My family was very patient with me 🙂

  While exploring the town we also came across this little park set between the buildings with these huge St. Lucia murals painted on the building walls. They were heartwarming and pretty to look at. There’s something so exciting about seeing other art celebrating the things you love, definitely wouldn’t see these type of things around where I live, and I was honestly surprised to learn that such a large and lasting Swedish population existed so close to my home. I for some reason thought they were all in Minnesota, or thereabouts. I’m happy to be wrong!

  I’m just sad we had to cut things short after staying up half the night with a sick little one and then trying to get her home without any terrible incidents. So that meant we didn’t stay to do more shopping or visit the dugout that we’d planned to see. But I think those things will be saved for a another visit.

   Anyhow, over all, it was good. I’m well stocked in Carl Larsson (for the moment) as well as Lingonberry preserves (yum!) and we even got a little wooden dala horse. It was such fun to see these pieces of art and culture that I’ve admired for so long being celebrated and being very much alive and a part of people’s heritage in an every day way. Lindsborg is such a pretty little town. Even without all the Swedishness. It’s clean and well kept and just really simple. They don’t have a McDonalds. The grocery store is closed on Sundays. It’s its own little place, and I can admire that. And I hope to admire it again!~

17 thoughts on “*Lindsborg!*

  1. What an interesting little town! I hadn´t heard about Lindsborg before. And I absolutely adore those Lucia murals, they are so pretty. Me too really adores art that celebrate motifs I love. And Carl Larsson, isn´t he a wonderful artist. In Dalarna here in Sweden his and Karin Larsson´s home Sundborn is a museum- you would love that place


  2. What a wonderful trip you despite a sick little girl. The murals are wondrderful and I loved the giant Dala and Santa Lucia figurines!! I know you were able to take lots of photos for \”pondering\” later in your studio. Me thinks this is going to be a wonderful Christmas from Audrey Electric! I am off in search of saffron that may be cheaper…and make sure that recipe for saffron Lucia buns is at the ready! Maybe we can all have a virtual St. Lucia celebration together???!! I am already excited!!


  3. Lyndall, It is really cute! They had a lot of dala horse statues around town in different patterns. They were all made out of something like fiberglass though, to survive the elements!


  4. Hi Sara~ I've read about his home and seen lots of pictures– our B&B had a book about the house so I was happy to sit and look at it! Its so bright and beautiful, and I love all the painted stuff (of course!)


  5. The Secret Hermit- Thanks! I hope she's getting better too. I'm going to keep her home from school today and hope that this is the end of her feeling puny…


  6. Winnie- I'm excited too! I really need to get painting, don't I?! Hehe. I think your idea of celebrating St. Lucia Day online is awesome! We need to plan that. You need to get yourself set up with a blog and celebrate too!~Also– wanted to ask you, did you get my email? The one about me not getting your email, lol? I just wanted to make sure that wires werent getting crossed somewhere!


  7. Hello dear you *** how wonderful to see and read..and kind of faschinating..looking at swedish things and culture from here..very nice feeling! makes me want to visit Dalarna because I never have :)adn thank you for your words! Spring is slowly coming here indeed, but I wish it came quicker. up herer north it takes so much more time for it to come, and then all the green is here all of a sudden 🙂 and yes, se have to exchange too indeed!!! It would be so so lovely!!The things I show are going to Sarah Blank. she has been giving me so so much..a really generous person she is..the necklaces almost for free, the dress as a gift, and no shipping! I lost words about this generousity! she doesn´t know this is coming and I don´t think she have the time looking into my blog, hope she will be happy *I want to mail you soon, I will try to do that this evening..and about a painting from you..yes, it´s a porttrait of me I´m thinking of 🙂 don´t have any portrait of me..and if you have any idea how it would look like…I will think of that..surroundings and such. and what shall I do..should I sent a photo? how do you work? I really really love your art, so so inspiring..wish to learn so much more me too, and now I´m off trying to paint a midnight sky :)love Lycke


  8. Yeah for Kansas! I actually considered going to Bethany College for a split second when we visited there. They had a pretty primitive art program back in 1997. 😉 The town is super cute though. Sorry about Audrey getting sick. 😦


  9. So glad you got to go to Lindsborg. I'm also glad Kansas provided you with such a great day. Wasn't the weather on Saturday just perfect? Next time, Paul and I will have to try the B&B. We stayed in Salina last time.


  10. oh, what a great place you have been too! im really envious :)that giant dala horse is simply fab!to my amazement,I discovered a while ago Ive got a little dala horse too! i bought it on a car boot sale in the uk without even knowing its original dala (a little tattered tag underneath the figurine said so!) i hadnt realised that until the day I became interested in Scandinavian culture :)Do pop in to my blog, click on \”Scandinavian\” in my blog labels and you will be able to see all the crafty Nordic-looking stuff I make :)thank you for your lasy commentI will look forward to some more \”swedish\” posts on your blogx x Martha


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