Custom portrait with some twang

Hello there!~

I am happy to report that one of my commissions is safely with its owner, so I can give you all a peek 🙂 this was a fun piece to create for a young woman as a birthday present– her step-mom sent me a photo of her playing guitar and I gave the piece a retro vibe, since I was told that was something she liked. Her favorite colors are also dark pink and turquoise, so I gave her a bright pretty dress and some dainty turquoise jewelry in the shape of a beaded necklace.
What was also fun about this project is that a few months ago I created a pair of custom portraits for her dad and step-mom, who are both talented musicians themselves (you can see those paintings HERE) so I painted this portrait to give a nod back to those paintings (same background and strawberry motif) but it also stands well on its own, and while the first portraits had more of a 1930s vibe, this is more 1940s/early 50s so she’s the ‘younger generation’ 🙂
As always, you are very welcome to contact me if you’re ever interested in a custom painting! It’s always so nice to be able to create something special for someone. The range of portraits I’ve done in the past is pretty wide too– not just family and child portraits, but also wedding portraits, ancestral portraits, even portraits for authors of their heroes and heroines! It’s always fun to bring those ideas to life.
Well, that’s all for now! Chat with you later,

23 thoughts on “Custom portrait with some twang

  1. This is just lovely!! What a keepsake for her and her parents. Did you get my email of thanks when my daughter opened your \”Dasha\” painting for her birthday Easter weekend? Your special paintings are lighting up the lives of so many people!!!


  2. I am definately going to order a custom painting from you. That is a definate. A custom portrait of myself 🙂 I will either save up to this myself or tell my grandmother that i would like to get a custom painting for christmas 🙂 I am already thinking about the little things I would love to be included in the portrait of myself; symbols that represent me. I just looked at your beautiful submission to the Sommerset Magazine and I love how you created little `frames´ for them with lace and small things like that… if you could do a mixed media frame in that style for my portrait too that would be wonderful… Awww, I feel so excited.. *Hugs Sara*


  3. Hello again sweet you! what a wonderful portrait, and the ones of her parents too!!! just crazy beautiful, you´re so so talented. I received you mail so happy smiling reading it, but I haven´t had the time, answering! I will do it tonight when I put the children in bed..wish to talk with you so much ***love Lycke


  4. Heather, I have e-mailed you now. I would like to order a custom order picture of me now 🙂 And you were so lucky who thrifted old editions of Jane Eyre and Wuntering Heights! I would have bought them too. They are among my favourite books. *Love Sara*


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