Project Art Fairy

   So I had an idea for a special project. And after thinking and thinking on it, I’ve decided to put it into action. I’m calling it “Project Art Fairy” and it’s something I need your help with! The idea came from wanting to use my art in a way that was positive. We often get bogged down in the details of ‘doing good’ and thinking it has to be a grand gesture of epic proportions. But often times, small gestures are just as important. Who knows what good we can do, in very small ways, that will ripple into something bigger. So here is my idea:

   I would like you to think about the people in your life who are doing something, or going through something, where they could use an unexpected treat. Anyone from a child, to an adult, to an elderly person. Going through a life transition, doing good deeds in their community or family, dealing with a personal struggle, there are thousands of ways that people are going through life and perhaps need a little unexpected gift to remind them that they are loved and appreciated. That’s where you— and I come in.

  If you know of some such person, you can enter them (confidentially) into the Art Fairy Project and they will be eligible to receive a free print out of my shop. All you have to do is email me their name and mailing address and a bit about why you feel they should be part of the project and once a month I will choose a person out of the people you submit and send them a free print. The recipient of the print will always remain confidential, and the details of project will be limited to me, the nominator, and the recipient. I will let you know, of course, if your entry has been chosen.

   You are welcome to look through the prints in my shop and let me know which one you think  your nominee would prefer. You are also welcome to have your name included with the print as the nominator, or it can remain completely anonymous, your choice. 

   I hope with this little project, we can do a little good and put a positive ripple out there in the world, where so many times it’s a struggle to find glimmers of hope and support. I am eager to get started, so send your submission in today! I look forward to playing the art fairy 🙂 let’s spread some joy~


16 thoughts on “Project Art Fairy

  1. Awesome idea! I was just thinking that your postcards would make great pick-me-ups for people too. I'll be submitting a name. :o)


  2. Hi Heather! The \”Art fairy\” is such a wonderful thing. I almost got a little tear in my eye when I read about this- it´s so sweet and compasionate. Also, it makes me think about how I, myself, can be even kinder och show even more compassion towards other people. I knwo exactly who I would like to nominate for your \”Art fairy-project\”. will write to you about this very soon 🙂


  3. What a beautiful idea! I keep one of your postcards on my refrigerator and every time I see it (which is a lot), it makes me smile. You'll be bringing such joy to some very lucky people.


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