Postcards from the weekend

    Just peeking in to say hello to you from a Sunday afternoon. Hope you’re having a good weekend. I think I’m finally getting over this cold I’ve been fighting with for the past several days, and things are getting rather bloomy around here.

   On Saturday I tried a recipe–well maybe more ‘method’– that I saw on the blog October Farm where you cook your premade  cinnamon rolls with a waffle iron. I just put the raw rolls on the iron, shut it for 3 minutes (that’s my particular iron’s time for waffle making) and voila, waffle cinnamon rolls! And they came out perfectly too, no burnt bottoms! And so quick. I think I’m pretty spoiled now with a way to bake cinnamon rolls in under 5 minutes, and the waffle pattern is perfect for storing melted icing!~

  I am also still slowly getting out some of my things I stored away when the house was for sale, and I am happy to have my pretty Halloween Nicol Sayre dolls out again! I love her creations so much, especially the Halloween ones. The tall witch is standing on my vintage 1940s boxed set of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Happy to have them out again too!

   My garden is also starting to fill out, I planted a new little pot for the porch and stuck some Sweet William into the front bed in white and salmon to accent my big apricot rose which is really being a show off at the moment. Ten huge roses as big as my hand are reaching up to find some sun, but found some afternoon rain today. Of course it rained just enough to drive me in from working in the yard. Perhaps God’s way of telling me not to get too overzealous trimming up the little trees. It’s just so hard to stop once you start lopping, isn’t it? 😉

  Looking forward to getting back to work on my paintings— I am still painting, but at the moment it’s all commission work and you know what that means– can’t tell you about it– yet 🙂 I did come across the most gorgeous old photo of two girls though, and I really want to paint it. It’s so beautiful.

   Well, enjoy your weekend, and have a good week!~

12 thoughts on “Postcards from the weekend

  1. Glad you are feeling better!I'm going to try those cinnamon rolls for sure. Did you see the pinterest idea to cook brownies in the waffle iron and serve it with ice cream?


  2. I am adding my vote that your roses are beautiful!! Oh my, what a beautiful lot!!!!! Tasha would surely agree. Don't you think? Now I am very inspired by the waffle cinnamon rolls. Are you just using the refrigerator kind? And is that coffee mug from Lindsborg? It looks very Scandinavian. So cute!!!


  3. Thank you Winnie! That's so nice! The waffle iron cinnamon rolls were made just with the regular cinnamon rolls you get from the grocery store in the can, couldnt be easier! And yes, I did get the mug in Lindsborg! It says \”coffee is the best of all earthly drinks\” 🙂


  4. Those look so good! Can't wait until you're able to share about the pieces you've been working on. In love with the Halloween dolls! Some decorations just have to be kept out year round.


  5. Such gorgeous little things. I love your way of decorating your home… the mirror, the dolls, the dollie, the wallpaper… it all has such great atmosphere! And I just noticed that the mug has text in Swedish! \”Kaffetåren den bästa är\” kind of is a classic quote here in Sweden- it was used from around year 1900-1940´s


  6. Cinnamon rolls really are best when they're just baked. I usually make dough in the bread machine and then keep the individual rolls in the freezer. I'll have to try the waffle iron method, because that sounds a lot more eco-friendly than heating up our huge oven for cinnamon rolls for two people!I'm glad you're feeling better. Being sick sucks.


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