Vintage Loveliness from Sweden

      There is something completely magical and marvelous about receiving a special package in the mail, especially one that has traveled over and ocean and across half a country to get to you. So I was very excited when I opened my mailbox yesterday and found a package all the way from Sweden, with many beautiful treasures inside!

    Sara from Snovits Apple sent me a gorgeous old locket with a beautiful collage of an old doll and tiny doily inside, along with all these special little extras– beautiful bits of jewelry, dollies and these sweet little paper cut outs. The locket was nestled in an old handkerchief and there were also some old vintage postcards, sent long ago to people in Stockholm with such fine and pretty hand writing. For a lover of old things, it was a beautiful gift to receive! And I loved it all very much!

   Sara shared with me that the inspiration behind this necklace is the Swedish novel Agnes Cecelia, which involves ghosts, a haunted house and a very old doll. Talk about perfect! I just ordered a copy of the story translated into English, and I think it will be perfect for lazy day summer reading. Because any time is a good time for a ghost story, in my opinion!

  You can read all about Sara’s lovely creations and her life in Sweden (where she makes jewelry and works in an antique shop!) on her blog and also visit her shop to get your own lovely vintage jewelry. I love that all her pieces have a story behind them and the packages she sends them in are like little works of art themselves– I just love the box my necklace came in! Just beautiful!

   Thanks again to Sara!~ And I hope you all are having a lovely day and week….summer is nearly upon us!
Til next time,

7 thoughts on “Vintage Loveliness from Sweden

  1. Oh Heather, Sara knows you well!! What a lovely package to receive in the mail. The locket is especially sweet and looks perfect on you. Enjoy all of the surprises!


  2. Winnie– Thanks so much! Yes, I think this necklace fits my interests very well, and its beautiful too! You should peek at her shop, google can translate. I know you love Swedish things as well!


  3. Oh Heather, I almost got a tear in my eye when i saw this post. Your wonderful words and the photos. Thank you so much! And the shirt suits the necklace so well! Awww, you are truly a beautiful person.


  4. Hello sweet Heather! how wonderful receiving those gifts from Sara, she´s really a very special, loving person and I love this necklace very much *** and I also love that book. we have been talking about it me and Sara too, and that is one of the books I loved as a child and still do..really love, so so magical..! Here the days are brighter and the snow almost gone..happiness ***( my last writing on the blog, I don´t think I could translate it so well so I took it away 🙂 thinking, maybe if you read something and don´t understand you can tell me ? sometimes it´s difficult with translating..indeed (smiles..)love Lyckelove Lycke


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