~Custom Portrait~

     Good Morning!~
             I am very pleased to be able to share with you one of the secret projects I’ve been working on! This was a custom painting I was asked to create for a mother of two little girls who just received her college degree after lots of hard work and determination. 
             My little family knows quite well what it takes to achieve a college degree while also working and raising a family since my husband just received a bachelor’s degree he needed for his job this past winter. It means lots of focus and lots of time devoted to studies when you’d rather be doing a thousand other things. I admire those that can pull it off!
            This particular graduate is a fellow Oklahoman and this painting is meant to capture a bit of our history (a little bird told me she was a lover of Oklahoma history!) and so I’ve got the little farm house in the distance and oil derricks in the far-off fields. The scene revolves around the sharing of a book (touching on the theme of learning and teaching as a mother) and since this particular little family raises chickens– there is a basket of eggs and tiny little figures of chickens in the farm house yard.
        I hear it was a hit on graduation night, and it always makes me so happy to know that something I made has brought someone joy. Really, that’s the point of all this— creating connection and meaning. I was so happy to be part of such a special occasion in such a unique way!
    As time goes on and special dates are met and paintings delivered, I’ll be able to share with you more of my custom work 🙂 thanks so much to those of you who have asked me to make something special for you, or have chosen some of my art from my shop to create a memory for someone in your own life. That is amazing! I truly believe its the little things in life that make it beautiful~


9 thoughts on “~Custom Portrait~

  1. Heather, it is beyond lovely that you get to share your talent, and make people happy with your imagination and your painting…. So beyond wonderful.Such a charming piece for certain.I am loving catching up with you via your bloglette, it has been way too long.♥


  2. This piece is truly a family heirloom! I love how you included so many personal details too. What a tremendous way to mark such a family milestone too. You do such beautiful work, Heather!


  3. So so very beautiful dear Heather. and all the thoughts around it, so wonderful! really looking forward to mine..have you began yet ?…:)))Here I´m just come home from a date with some friends..some really vise friends that always teach me a lot of life. feeling really relaxed tonight..for the first time in a very long time..sooo wonderful feeling, freedom inside, and sending love to you…***~Lycke


  4. I can't say Thank You enough! I wake up everyday and smile when I see it. It's just beautiful. I'm a sentimental sucker, and you got me! Enjoy making people happy, you're good at it!


  5. Hi Heather, I updated my blog post about my custom painting. I'm doing a radio show Sunday night, hopefully it will send people your way! XO Jammiehttp://wp.me/p24Ac3-1f


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