A family portrait

   I wanted to share with you all this little custom Mother’s Day painting I created recently. I think it came out really sweet, I love family portraits. I hear that she liked it, and I’m so pleased to hear it!~

   Also wanted to remind you all that the Project Art Fairy is still open (there is no deadline to it, you can submit at any time) so if you know of anyone who is doing something special, or is a special part of your life– submit them! You can find out more about this project HERE (or on the sidebar of this blog.)

   April and May’s Project Art Fairy prints are going out today! I love the idea of the recipients getting this unexpected surprise. All of the submissions I’ve gotten so far have been wonderful. It really inspires me that in so many ways, you can do good for people and it leaves an impression. The people who were chosen might not even know what joy and love they’re putting out into the world. It’s high time they knew, don’t you think? I only wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch as they open it!

Well, off to run some errands, perhaps clean this wrecked house (I just couldn’t bring myself to do it on Mother’s Day!) and then finally, plan some new paintings! I’m eager to start!

Have a great day,

10 thoughts on “A family portrait

  1. The family portrait turned out so well! I love the expressions on the faces of the parents too. Oohhh, so exciting that Project Art Fairy recipients will be getting an unexpected surprise in the mail this week too!!! I love this project you have set up to spread the cheer! It is definitely a \”back to work kinda Monday\”!!


  2. Love the commissioned pieces. This one is fantastic! I would certainly be thrilled to get one of your pieces for a Mother's Day gift. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!


  3. It's gorgeous Heather. I like all your work but there's just something about this one, the way the father seems to look lovingly and protectively at the mother and the mother looks in the same way at the child.


  4. Kelsey, Awww! congrats on your coming little one! This is such a precious time, enjoy and relax and take good care of yourself! (and if you follow my pregnancy plan, eat lots of mexican food!)


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