Hello, summer

   Well, like it or not, summer seems to be here! Last Friday was the last day of school in these parts, and so we’ve been adjusting to a new summer schedule, me with the girl at home, trying to stay busy and trying to get things done. We’ll see how it works out— but so far, it’s going pretty well!

   Although we haven’t had much rain lately, the garden is doing terrific. Look at those hollyhocks! Tasha would be proud! I also managed to get a little Audrey Eclectic work done today, I refreshed the stock of prints at Made in Tulsa— if you’re heading down to MayFest in Tulsa this weekend, you should saunter down to the Philcade Building at 5th and Boston and check out this adorable local shop! Even the building itself is gorgeous…I took a photo (above) in the entrance hall, in all it’s opulent art deco glory. Down town Tulsa has some amazing building and beautiful architecture from the 1920s. The gorgeous Trinity Episcopal Church is also just down the block. I love hearing all the bells from all those old beautiful churches around there.

   And finally….painting a bit 🙂 I decided to try a new St. Lucia scene for this year’s Christmas collection. So far, so good! I thought you might like seeing it in this rough phase. I like to paint my canvas or wood surface completely black and then make the painting on top of that. I think it gives it a richer look, especially when I rough it up and age it.

   Well…perhaps I should get some more painting done! I have lots of ideas! Hope your week is going well~

10 thoughts on “Hello, summer

  1. wWow, summer vacation already?! Ours is end of May and I still can't used to that ~I'm used to mid June in California…Beautiful flowers…mine are finally blooming too. 🙂


  2. Oh Lucia! And summer is almost here too… I´m so happy about that; we are all in desperate need of some sunshine here… I love hearing church bells too. Will message you when i come home from Copenhagen( I love that you paint fairies…!)


  3. Gosh, summer arrived here about a month ago! Florida is just a steamy hot place now but still no significant rain which we desperately need! Ohhh, I love that new Santa Lucia scene! Your flowers are lovely and I sure wish I could attend Made in Tulsa! Very wonderful Philcade Building too. Perfect backdrop for such an event too. I hope you sell lots of things!! Keep us posted.


  4. Andrea, Yeah….they didnt use their snow days since the winter was so mild, so they just let the kids out early. I coulda used an extra two weeks though!


  5. Winnie, I feel like summer comes here too fast. Its like….two weeks of spring and them BAM! Hot and terrible! I just hope its more mild than last summer…I was pretty cranky by august in the 110+ temps!


  6. I love the St. Lucia painting! I hope you have a lovely summer 🙂 Right now we're heading into winter and i'm already starting to miss the sun~


  7. Happy early summer to you! Your hollyhocks are really gorgeous. Our yard continues to bloom…and we are beginning to see fruit, too. Yum! Your St. Lucia painting is looking great – can't wait to see it finished!


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