RAW- Exciting News!

 I’ve got some really fun news, my friends! As of yesterday, I have been invited to be a featured artist at the first RAW Natural Born Artists showcase in Tulsa on June 21.
    I was so thrilled to be selected for this show, and even more so when I found out more about what RAW is all about— mainly showcasing and promoting local talent, and helping artists and performers branch out and promote themselves, which is sometimes hard to do. 
   I just signed on to participate yesterday and I already have a profile up on the RAW website. You can see it in all it’s fanciness HERE.
   I love that while RAW in a national (and soon to be international) endeavor, each city event is run by local people who have their finger on the pulse of their own city’s art scene. That’s why it was so special for me to even be considered for it. To be honest, I rarely feel ‘hip and with it.’ I am just squirreled away in my little house making things that I personally like, and so when I find that other people like them too…well, it’s always so lovely. And now in June I’ll be part of a show featuring everything from painting to jewelry to performance art to fashion shows….now that’s fancy!

This show is called SOLSTICE and will take place June 21st at 33Forty, which is on Brookside in Tulsa. Tickets to get in to see the show are $10, and if you’d like to come, I would appreciate it so much that you purchase your ticket online through my name (Heather Sleightholm), because artists are rewarded for selling tickets to the event. I’ll also know to expect you and look forward to seeing you so we can chat and enjoy the art together!

   Now I need to get busy selecting which paintings will go to the show and what new ones I’ll paint to go with them. I’m not sure yet how many I’ll be asked to present, but I know I’ll want to take as much as I can!
   It’s just all very exciting, and I hope if you’re in the area and free that night, that you’ll come! It sounds like an amazing time. You can find out more about this Tulsa show HERE. And if you’re interested in being a RAW artist, you can visit their main site HERE.

   Thanks so much!~ Now off for more painting…

16 thoughts on “RAW- Exciting News!

  1. Oh Heather, this is very, very exciting!! Congratulations!!Wow, what an honor to be selected and the whole event sounds like so much fun. Believe me, if I lived close enough to drive, I would be there to join in the fun!! Can't wait to see what you plan to take and more importantly how it all goes at the event.WooHoo, Audrey Electric is ON the RAW Map!!


  2. Winnie, I'm anxious to see how it goes too! Wish it were driveable to you, but I know Florida is a bit of a drive to Ok! I went on a school trip to Orlando in high school and I think it took 17 or 18 hours!


  3. Heather that's awesome! Congratulations on being chosen, what an honor.Your profile on the RAW site looks great. Wish I lived close enough to come see the show.


  4. Hello dear you! so wonderful that you´re in this..and your profile is beautiful, feeling that I would love really much to come..but 🙂 I haven´t even visited my brother and his wife who lives in California for some years…but one day..mmm…! Here it´s raining today and middlebrother have his 9 th birthday. feeling tender inside, life is kind of beautiful..love Lycke


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