~A Portrait~

   Good morning—
            It’s clear and blue out today, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some rain clouds to come scuttling in. Last night I painted well for the first time in a few days, probably because there was lightening and a little rain. Evidently I can’t work well when it’s too nice outside.

         I wanted to show you the last in a grouping of custom portraits I worked on at the beginning of the month, they all are now safe in their homes! This portrait was for the lovely blogger and mother Lycke, who you can visit at her blog Til Vidas Ara. Lycke shares images of her beautiful home in northern Sweden, and what a magical place it is. I was happy to paint this for her, showing her in her cozy little house with a beautiful Swedish winter scene outside. I hear that she very much likes the painting, and that makes me so glad!

    I know today is Tuesday, so technically it must be Tasha Tuesday 🙂 Oh, it always is, whether I post or not! That’s the magic of it. I’ve been contemplating taking a summer hiatus from it, and I think I might do that. It helps keep the entries fresh. But never fear, it will be back!~!

   Well, off to start the day, I finished a nice bearded man painting last night, and am anxious to share!~

10 thoughts on “~A Portrait~

  1. I went to Lycke's site to read her happiness shared on her blog. This painting was so perfect for her in every way! Heather, you did such an amazing job making all of her personal details come together in a new treasure to enjoy!! Beautiful, simply Beautiful!


  2. Dearest Heather! I got so moved by seeing the picture here now also..and the words..and the photo of the painting, you got it so wonderful here! And it´s true I really really love it so much. everyting is lovely on it. the butterfly..swedish, everything..I´m stunned..still! just amazed..! and I think the choice of the dress was great too ***I just sent you an email :)love Lycke


  3. Love it! I, too, am hoping for some rain. It's already too hot for me! I feel better looking at the cool blue wallpaper in your painting and at the lovely snow! We didn't get a proper snow this last winter, so I'm really looking forward to winter weather!


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