Meet Lars

    Meet Lars! Isn’t he lovely? Hehe, I have quite the reputation for painting bearded men. I think its fun, and adds ‘instant boy’ to any figure. My husband has quite the beard, and when my daughter draws him, she is very insistent about adding it to her little figure. I guess we just like them around here!

   I love the look of florals painted against a black background. And while they are undoubtedly a feminine touch, I liked the idea of painting them around a very refined looking gentleman. I also love poppies– and I painted this on Memorial Day Weekend, which I thought was fitting since poppies have become a sort of sign of remembrance after World War I.

   Lars ended up being sort of a fair red head with a sprinkle of freckles. I love painting freckles. As someone who sports her own collection of freckles, I’ve come to like them. I think they add character, and in paintings I think they are a sweet little detail. And we all secretly wish for red hair, right?

  Well, I hope you like Lars! I think I’ll show him at the RAW artshow in June (please come if you’re in Tulsa!) but I think he’ll make a fantastic print too. I’m working on a couple of other little paintings, and some other in-the-works projects, but I hope to have some new things to show you soon 🙂 til then, there are several new original paintings in my shop if you’d like to take a look.

   Alright….well, off to start the day! We had a thunderstorm last night (I’d almost forgotten what a storm was like!) and we’re expecting more at the end of this day. My garden seems to be sighing with relief. So thankful for the rain!


14 thoughts on “Meet Lars

  1. Heather I just looove the black background with the florals too. That was the first thing that caught my eye. I would love to see a companion for him ( a pretty red head surrounded by the same background perhaps?)I also love your portrait of Lyke! She is such a sweetie! it captures her essence perfectly.


  2. Lars is quite dapper with his red beard! I do love the floral background with daisies and poppies for color too. This painting is just lovely !!


  3. So sorry I haven't visited in so long! Your gentleman looks lovely – I think he needs a nice lovely Irish lass to go with him? I like his beard- my girls draw their daddy with a beard too:) Have a Blessed week.


  4. Hello sweet you!! I smile when reading, so beautiful thoughts and tenderness in the painting. so wonderful, and I love poppies too and bearded men 🙂 mine is bearded too. and love the backround..a russian touch in the black. and freckles I love. I had them when I was young, not anymore :)Fridaykisses Lycke


  5. Thank you so much everyone! I like Lars too 🙂 and I love the look of florals. I think I need to paint more, especially after all this winter painting!


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