June Show

Hello there! Well it is Friday and the first of June! We’re headed right into summer… although I know here and in other parts of the US it feels like it’s already settled in and made itself comfortable. I’m uneasy about that, especially after last summer (remember? I whined and moaned pretty steadily about how much I hated the heat)
June also brings an exciting Audrey Eclectic event— the Solstice art show put on by RAW Natural Born Artists! The show is June 21st at 33Forty, located in Brookside in Tulsa, Ok. Tickets can be ordered through me for $10 each, which is a bit cheaper than they will be at the door. Each artist is rewarded for tickets sold in their name, so I would be thrilled beyond thrilled for anyone going to order as my guest! You can do so HERE.

   I’ve got a little collection of paintings set aside for the show, including my newest, Lars. I’m also so happy to see some friends among the others featured! Yay for Bohemian Romance and Sunshine and Carousels

  In other news, this is dance recital weekend and so I am at the beck and call of a very tiny and talented ballerina. It is so funny that two very shy parents have produced such a creature– who loves to dance and sing and be on the stage. She isn’t bothered by it at all, and smiles and gives it all she’s got. Which is amazing to me, the little girl who stood and cried at her first recital and hasn’t been able to live it down yet. It seems I am raising an entirely different animal 🙂

  Well, wishing you a wonderful June weekend! And I hope to see you at this upcoming show in a few weeks if you are nearby! It sounds like fun, with lots of different things to see and watch!

   Til next time,

4 thoughts on “June Show

  1. Ahhh June, I'm looking forward to some summer sun here. It's raining and a little chilly here right now. It looks like that is going to be a really fun art event.Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!


  2. This arts how sounds quite diverse and interesting! It will be a great summer community event for everyone. If you have time, take some photos of what it all looks like for those of us too far away to come! Enjoy your little ballerina event too!


  3. How I wish I could come to that show! Either as a seller or as a attendant. How lovely that would have been. And what a sweet little story about your daughter! How enjoyable it must be for you to follow her and her dancing.


  4. Happy June! Looks like it will be a most fun event for you coming up. And congrats to your budding ballerina! How lovely that she is free and outgoing and fun. I, too, remember my first \”performance\” – a tap dance recital that wasn't. I got acute stage fright and ran off the stage. To this day, I am not fond of speaking in front of large groups. Argh! Enjoy the weekend festivities!


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