Great News!~

 I have some super exciting news, guys! My art and my blog are currently featured in the summer (July/August 2012) issue of Somerset Life!

My copy arrived yesterday and I was so excited to finally see the article I wrote plus the photos from my blog featured in this beautiful magazine! I was also shocked and so so thrilled to see that this article was six pages long! Six pages!

A big thanks to editor Jennifer Jackson and her layout team for making this spread just absolutely beautiful. It is always a shock and a wee bit surreal to see the thing you’ve made appear in a real live magazine. But here they are! And there is my house too! It’s better than I could have imagined!

My article for this issue focuses on blogging, and to make the article a little different, I chose to focus on how I use my home as a backdrop and almost ‘second author’ for this blog. So much of what I make is designed to be in a home– a part of your world and every day decor. It’s important to me that my own home showcases my art in a way that others can see how it looks in a real setting. So the article is about that, as well as how any home can become a beautiful little world, with imperfections and all. I know it seems like everyone lives in an immaculate 100 year old farm house with perfect rooms and perfect yards, but you don’t have to have all that to make a beautiful home, or a beautiful blog. You and I both can bloom where we are! So that’s what I wrote about.

Here is a peek at the beautiful design:

   If it’s not already out, this issue should hit news stands very very soon. You can find Somerset Life at most major book stores and some craft stores, like Michael’s. I hope you get a chance to peek at it, and get a copy for yourself! There are lots of beautiful things in this issue, and I am SO happy to be a part of it!~


21 thoughts on “Great News!~

  1. It looks like a great article, congratulations!It's a bit of a struggle to get the latest Somerset magazines here in the UK but I shall have a look for it.


  2. This is totally awesome, Heather!! Congratulations. What a testimony to your work as both artist and blogger. I agree with you that the home is a perfect backdrop to reaching out to others. It feels so real and there is something so inviting about being in a real place even if it is virtual. I will be searching for a copy locally of this wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I found your works the other day and I'm here again by an accident now, but this time I'll leave a message: I like what you do very much, you're really original, keep creating!


  4. Congratulations Heather! I am so in love with those witches! I don't think I've been following long enough to know when you created them, but they're beautiful. Your whole article is stunning! Will certainly have to check this issue out in the book shop!


  5. Congratulations, Heather! If I wasn't living in China, I would definitely get a copy of the magazine, but it is not available here.I love your ideas on incorporating your art into your home, so the beautiful paintings don't just stay in the studio but become part of everyday life.


  6. Congratulations Heather! This is SO exciting and I'm really happy for you!! I am going to look out for this magazine and buy it for sure. Your artwork and blog are unique and totally you, and the layouts look beautiful. Wonderful news!


  7. THANK YOU to all of you. I am so happy to have you here, to know that you are excited for me and have come along with me on this ride of folk artyness. I hope you enjoyed seeing the article! It's always so odd to see myself in such an 'official' way. But it's something I'm willing to get used to 😉 Thanks again!~!


  8. hello sweet Heather and congratulations for the article, how wonderful and how much you are worth it. love both your home and art so much. I have been a little sick with cold and siusitis, but it´s better now, hard to stay out of the garden :))). and thanks for your words. promise to show some of the garden soon, but it´s so late here, everything, has been so cold until now and not much are in bloom. soon I will post you some little sweet things..have been just so much 🙂 today it´s windy here so I stay inside with you ***love Lycke


  9. Heather, that's aMAZing news! Congratulations! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I've admired your work when I've visited the made: shop and have wondered when I would get to meet you. So, thank you for finding me. I think some of my favourites are Anne-girl's. Especially the one of her and her bosom friend. One of these days I will purchase one.


  10. Now I know I don't comment here so often as I did Heather but I do read your posts (I've taken to reading blogs via Bloglines for speed since my list of favourite blogs grew so long). I had to pop across and comment today though. It's almost impossible to get copies of the Somerset Life magazine here since Borders closed down in the UK, and rats to that, because I'd have *shot* out to buy this one.You know I share you ideas about homeliness being possible whatever kind of house you have so I *need* to read the article! It looks AMAZING!! Your work looks AWESOME all together like that on those pages!!!Congratulations you super talented gal xxx


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