**The RAW Show**

   Well, the RAW “Solstice” show was last night! It was such a different event for me, venue-wise, but it was a wonderful success– I met lots of great people, saw some interesting art of all different varieties, and got to network in a different circle of artists and art lovers. Above is my set-up for the show, which I thought turned out really nicely! I had Will bring my beloved Anthropologie lamp from home and it really lit up the space with some rustic, old timey ambiance! 

   And a big THANK YOU to my friends who came to see me last night. I really, really appreciate each and everyone one of you who bought a ticket and ventured down to Brookside on a Thursday night to see me. Pictured with me, (I’m on the left) is my friend Jenny who I met years ago when we both worked at a jewelry company. Back them I was assembling and drawing  jewelry designs (I heard later I was hired for my ability to draw angels for the faith line) and she worked in the administrating office. We both moved on to bigger and better things, but have stayed great friends! 

   Well, i think I will rest a bit today, but my mind is buzzing with new ways to use pallets for displaying my art. I thought the pallets looked really neat as a backdrop for my paintings, and I’ve seen pallets used in all sorts of interesting ways online. I need to translate it into a portable craft show concept!

   Hope you enjoyed seeing the show! And also— THANK YOU to those of you out of state who took part in my print sale and bought a ticket for a print. You helped me so much in my mission to get my quota of tickets sold. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much!~!

   Have a great day, everyone! And enjoy your weekend!~

10 thoughts on “**The RAW Show**

  1. Your display is beautiful and so are you!! I am glad the show was a success and it sounds like you had a lot of fun, wish I could have made it!


  2. I think your display is beautiful too; you have such a great eye for details, such imagination and you really know how to create atmosphere. I have something wonderful to tell you concerning my new antique shop job- the lady who owns that shop also owns another antique shop in the countryside- and she has asked me to work there too every sunday this weekend! I´m so happy.


  3. Audrey— your set up display was perfectly charming and seemed to reflect your style so well too! And you looked gorgeous! Congratulations on a very successful evening. The event looked like so much fun. Sure wish I had been able to attend in person. Have a great weekend yourself!!


  4. Displaying your work on those pallets is inspired … the rough hewn feel fits perfectly with the naive quality of your art.That angel next to the lamp has to be one of my all time favourite pieces of yours.Love the photo of you pretty lady 😀


  5. Thank you guys! I liked how it turned out too. The pallets and my lamp really gave it all a rustic look that I really liked! I'm busy now scheming about how I can translate this for a craft show…more often than not, at a show, you're in a wide open space with no wall to lean 10 feet tall pallet walls against! I'm trying to think it through…wish I was more handy! Although I am one of those 'let's just jump into this project and figure it out along the way!' type people 😉


  6. Your space looked awesome, Heather! The lamp adds the perfect touch. Did the angel with the big wings and stars in the background sell? I'm so smitten with that one.


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