Deep in the Winter Woods

   As we start our first week of the summer packed with triple digit temperatures across the board, the irony of this painting is not lost on me one bit! 104* today? 106* on Wednesday? Give me a snowy dreamland, and quick!

   For those of you who follow the Audrey Eclectic Facebook page, I had found a photo of this image on pinterest which was uncredited. The image just captured my heart and I really wanted to find out from whence it came. After digging around and tracing it back the original pinner, I found the image over at Loreta Blog, so I’m happy to be able to show you the source!
   I did make a few slight changes and embellishments, most noticeably probably that the image is switched i direction. This is because left-facing profiles are my stronger direction. Hehe, just like with anything, there are stronger sides and weaker sides in an artist’s talents. For some reason my brain just cant work as well with right facing profiles, and you’ll probably notice that all of mine face left! I also added a touch of holly berries to her basket and some snow flakes.

  One of my favorite parts of creating this piece was trying to recreate certain detailed textures– like her crocheted shawl and the weave of the basket. I think I am most happy with the basket, I should paint more!

   Anyhow….here I go begrudgingly into the hottest week of the year so far. I really really hope that this isn’t the first of many stretching ahead of us for the summer. Last summer was absolutely miserable, and I am not ready to do that again. I might stomp my feet and have a fit. Wont be pretty 😉

  Well, I better start the day before it’s too hot to do anything….Have a good week, and stay cool!

12 thoughts on “Deep in the Winter Woods

  1. I love how you recreated this image! And the details of the shaw and basket definitely give the painting that textured feel to it. I think I most love the mystery feel that I get from the gaze of the young girl. What might be on her mind is fun to speculate! Triple digit temps?? Well, tropical storm Debby is giving us double digit inches of rain! I am beginning to think you just can't win living in the south!!!!!


  2. ooh sweet you, I´ll send you some cooler air and you send me some heat please 🙂 today it is 15 degrees and cloudy, but for several days we have had around 22 and sun, over midsummer too and we where so so happy ***today I clean as always when the weather is cooler, so I guess that is needed sometime too :)))love the painting – feeling of fairytale in it, how about making a fairytale – a book, illustrated with you wonderful wonderful it would be..mmm….love Lycke


  3. Stay Cool! Your painting looks wonderful and snowy. I love how peaceful she looks. We just ended a heat wave here but we didn't reach nearly the temps that you did, we only got as high as 92! I hope you have a cool and Blessed week:)


  4. So in love with this Heather. I find I am always wanting the opposite season. By Spring I want Halloween and Thanksgiving, and by Summer I am full force in the Christmas spirit. This is really.. cozy? In a strange way I mean. Like you just know the girl must live in a delightfully warm cottage at the edge of the woods, and she's collecting holly for her family's Christmas celebration.


  5. I love the feel of this painting, and the original photo as well. It would be fabulous of we could just drag some of your sunshine over here, out summer has yet to start.Stay nice and cool!


  6. very nice~ it would make a great holiday card :)i never noticed the left facing profiles,lol ;)it's really nice here today but supposed to get a lot hotter here too.stay cool…


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