Custom Piece: Vintage Halloween Memory

  I wanted to share with you all my latest commission, and my official first Halloween painting of 2012! This painting was for the lovely Winnie, and this painting depicts a scene out of an old photograph of her as a small child outside her home on Halloween! She is wearing a little clown suit that her mother made for her, and her little white kitty weaving around her heels (artistic embellishment.)

   Winnie is a big fan of Halloween, as am I! Halloween and fall are some of my favorite seasons to paint. Of course I prefer the sweet, old timey sort of Halloween! Now I’m looking forward to doing some more Halloween painting in, I think I’ve got a good stock put back for Christmas (although I know I’ll paint more!) and doing the gallery event on Thursday has me looking forward to Indie Emporium in late September. 

   Well, I hope you like this little painting, and above all it is my hope that Winnie will love it (I’ve heard she does!) and it will become a beloved family treasure! That’s what I love to make! If you are interested in a custom piece, see the menu above and the “FAQ” (frequently Asked Questions) section. There I go over how I do gather info for your painting, pricing, and the options I offer. Take a look if you’re interested!

   Hope you have a good weekend! It’s gonna be a HOT one here. Is it October yet? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Custom Piece: Vintage Halloween Memory

  1. Isn't this just the sweetest Halloween picture ever?? Yes, that is me at age 2. Heather just created the cutest keepsake from an old photo. Halloween has been a favorite holiday of mine since I was a wee thing and this wonderful painting just captures so many happy childhood memories for me. I love every tiny detail that she included. IT is a treasure and I absolutely love it!! Thank-you again ,Heather, for painting this fun and wonderful keepsake for me!!


  2. It's very cute Heather!! Great job! My mom is Winnie, and she gave me one of your original pieces for my birthday. \”Dasha\” is beautiful and I absolutely love her!Keep up the good work :)- Jessica


  3. This is so sweet! I adore the idea of having a painting done based on a favorite childhood photo. And I'm definitely looking forward to fall too!


  4. Vintage Halloween, absolutely my favourite! Loveliest thing in the world. How cute is this piece of art?! I love the little costume, and the jack-o-lantern. So sweet!


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