Mr. Darcy’s Proposal

    Well, I found the black paint jar and I ain’t ever gonna let it go….Is that what you’re thinking? 😉 Ha! well, yes, i am still enjoying the floral on black combo. This time I paired it with script, and not just any script– Mr. Darcy’s proposal!

   I really love hand lettering in art. I’ve never felt I was good at it. Probably, I need to take a class. But it seems the best lettering sometimes is just the artist’s own hand. I tried and tried to painstakingly write fancy….but the best outcome with the smoothest look ended up being my own handwriting. I hope it looks nice and not too ‘written on my 8th grade trapperkeeper.’ Also– I love the word ‘ardently’, ‘ardent.’ I think it is romantic and fabulous. I think the name Arden is beautiful as well. It’s just one of those words for me.

   Also, I’m up to something lately. As I mentioned before, I’ve really been mulling over what the next step is for Audrey Eclectic, and trying to be good and listen to what you all here and at the shows tell me (and show me through your purchases) what you want. I see paper goods in my future 🙂 I think it’s all about the paper…

   And Jane Austen, of course!

   Well, it’s just past 7 a.m. and the weather is tolerable. It’ll probably be 100 degrees by noon. That’s just plain silly. The only thing to do is dance to Japanese doo wop (I think we’ve watched Kiki’s Delivery Service 20 times so far this summer) and paint pretty pictures indoors!~

   Have a great day, and let me know what you think of this little painting! It’s a bit different for me– no girls! No beards! Oh my!

12 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy’s Proposal

  1. I agree that this version of Mr. Darcy's proposal is very romantic with the flowers!! And your thoughts about adding a new direction in your art with papers?? That all sounds very interesting . Not being an artist, I cannot imagine all that the new craft means, but I trust your creative instincts. Looking forward to your new creations!


  2. Oh, I think you have a new banner- so pretty, I like that it really has the feel of antique ephemera. As for hand lettering- I took a caligraphy class not so long ago. I didn´t enjoy it at all. I felt as if I had to contrive something, as if the lettering didn´t come from \”my soul\” so to speak.


  3. LOVE the blog makeover. Really nostalgic and sweet. And love this piece. I like this direction you went in. It's different to your normal portraiture, but sweet all the same.


  4. I love your portraits. But this picture makes me think that there are other lovely kinds of pictures you could create as well. And maybe you could paint pictures with whimsical animals too. Just some thoughts 🙂


  5. I too feel the need to take handwriting course. the lettering i see across the art blogs makes me wish i could do that. I happen to love all your work. I miss some of the older style with all the different types of paper mixed in. Keep going though, you need to be happy with what you do too.


  6. I love it! more of those, and also love this oldfashioned words, use a lot such in nice on the tounge, thought..haven´t been able to send you letter of yet since husband has been working until almost midnight all week to be able to take vacation after that..ooh..a bit tired, but it´s alright, we enjoy ouselves, but the heat I still want..cold here now, but next weel they Lycke


  7. It's perfect, Heather! Your handwriting is wonderful. I think this makes the piece look all the more charming than if you used \”perfect\” script. 🙂 Great job!!! Can't wait to see where Audrey Eclectic is headed…


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