The Week’s End

My living room with a new Eiffel Tower window shade– tres chic!

Hello, Saturday! It’s been a good week over all. One more week closer to October, ha! I thought I’d share with you some pics from my instagram feed for the week. Like the new window shade in my living room where I imagine I’m looking out at a Paris cityscape, where it’s probably always 75 degrees out, and never, ever like this:

The weather we’re having….

     So, this is why summer turns me into such a whiney baby. Just look at that forecast. It just takes the wind right out of you. Doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as last summer (can you imagine?!) but I’m fervently praying that this is not how the entire summer pans out. It makes me hate the season. It makes me covet the gray skies and rain and nights-that-need sweaters that I see on other blogs. The prairie is baking, and we wont be green much longer. It just puts me out utterly. But there are still some blooms to be had…

Perennial hibiscus in my flowerbed

 Like my trusty pink perennial hibiscus that shows up each summer like a smug debutante in my flowerbed, unfurling her epic blooms and seeming to say ‘ta da!’ This plant is probably about 5 years old now. It’s a good hardy and trust shrub. I have a red one out back, but the pink one….she knows all eyes are on her.

   Luckily for me, though, there have been lots of indoor niceties going on. Like on Wednesday night when I went downtown to Made: The Indie Emporium Shop. They carry tons of locally made items from jewelry to home decor to art (including my art!) and it’s such a sweet looking shop. They also hold little classes and events and this week my friend Jenny and I went down there to make a chocolate raspberry hand scrub taught by the charming gal who does Okie Crowe. We made our scrub, and now I smell quite delicious, no matter what the temperature!

Made: The Indie Emorium Shop in downtown Tulsa, Ok.

   Another very nice thing for me is that last week I won a gift card to Shabby Apple off our friend Andrea’s blog! I was so excited! I knew a pretty new dress was in my future, and this is the one I chose– Cider.

   I love the color, a pretty pumpkin orange (Or OSU orange, if you’re of that persuasion, which I am!) I love the flower petal collar and the dress is really comfortable, which is a nice change from all the cute little vintagey dresses out there. This one will wear wonderfully throughout the seasons I think. And its made from a stretchy and breathable cotton. I added the belt myself. It will be cute with a cardigan too.

The dress I got  from Shabby Apple– Thanks to Shabby Apple and AndreaCreates!

  So…other than that, I have been working on a fun painting project that I’ve got brewing and also visited a local sheep farm, which I will tell you about next time! Now I need to get back to my paints, and will talk with you soon–
Take Care,

16 thoughts on “The Week’s End

  1. I have been muttering a lot about all the rain we have been having here, but with what the rest of the country is putting up with I guess I should be a bit more appreciative of our mild weather.Congrat's on winning the Shabby Apple gift. Great dress, looooove the color.


  2. wow that was fast! the dress looks so cute on you :)it's super hot here too-in fact we had no electricity for most of yesterday and thru the your new banner and the eiffel tower shade ;)stay cool!!


  3. such a beautiful colored dress! I love how it contrasts with the wall behind you (and your painting!). Lovely colors Heather! Yikes stay cool. Its 90 here and I complain.


  4. What a fun little dress! I do love the color and cotton is so wonderful for most seasons too! Yikes, that weather forecast feels like a bad Sci-Fi movie– \”The Summer we fried eggs on the sidewalks everyday\”. Or something like that! I cannot believe that I will actually be standing at the Eiffel Tower in 5 or 6 days! I sure do hope they actually do have temps in the 75 degree range. This Florida gal has been baking in the 90s for over two months!


  5. Oh I am just in love with your sitting room! Gorgeously vintage chic. And your new dress looks stunning on you. I love Shabby Apple, such lovely things. And the best part about vintage reproduction is that it has elastic in it, as most modern clothes do. Way back when, clothes had to be made exactly to your specific measurements, and there was no give in either direction. That's why I prefer vintage repro 🙂


  6. oh my..this is so funny, I´m complaining a lot about our cold cold summer up here..almost as if I couldn´t stand it any longer yesterday with 12 degrees and rain and cold winds, and you have so extremely hot! Oh how I wish something could be done to straighten it out..send over 20 to us and all swedish people would be so happy :))) but I was a bit anxious for your sake too, saw on the news about how bad it is and peple dying in thunder..what is it called, but you know. please don´t go out if it´s like that, dear you! today I was able to send your letter away at last. I think you will like the small things I´m sending you, but it´s nothing very special, but still it is..something very special ***hope your getting some cooler weather sooon!!! and take Lycke


  7. Sarah, Thank you! My room is painted a really dark peacock green. I love it! It offsets things nicely. Oh, how I'd love to experience a New England summer (or any season!) Enjoy it for me!


  8. Winnie, I hope you have an amazing time on your trip! That will be so fun!~! And I hope we're not in for a sci fi summer…had enough of that last year!


  9. Jennifer, I agree with you, I think reproduction vintage is great, often times its easier to care for and more durable and also fits better if you dont happen to be vintage teeny tiny! I think its also important to support modern day small businesses, and look cute in the process!


  10. That's a fantastic dress! But I have to say, \”Boomer Sooner!\” 😉 Can I go to Sweden with you? It's been hotter here in Wichita than in Oklahoma!


  11. What a pretty dress! It looks wonderful on you. 🙂 It's been hot here, but definitely not as hot as it's been where you are. Love your new window shade…it will also be springtime in Paris at your house! That macro shot of the hibiscus is stunning, too.


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