New art in the shop!

I’ve been working away at my little Jane Austen inspired project, and just finished this painting above as part of the series! Can you guess who she is? Does she look like she’s just figured out who your perfect match is and how she must throw a dinner party to ensure that it happens? Well— I’m sure her mind is working with all sorts of mischief behind those pretty blue eyes– it’s Emma Woodhouse, of Emma, of course!

   I just listed this painting in my etsy shop, because she tells me she’s eager to get settled in her new home and start keeping house and matching hearts. Perhaps its your home she’s bound for? I’ve also listed the painting of Mr. Darcy’s proposal…so epic and lovely, even 200 years later!

    I’ve also listed a few sets of postcards in my shop, four different variety packs to be exact, so be sure to take a look before they’re gone! They started selling within minutes of being posted online, which is always nice to see! Maybe there’s a pack that you simply have to have? I’d love to send you some 🙂

   Thank you for your visit today! I hope you’re having a good weekend! I’ve been getting a lot of things done, supplies orders, projects taken care of, ideas for paintings rolling in. Trying to stay out of the heat, although its supposed to be only 97 today! And 93 tomorrow! I’ll positively need a sweater, hehe. Praying for rain since we have a slim chance in the next few days. 

  Enjoy the rest of your day and have a good week~

13 thoughts on “New art in the shop!

  1. Your Emma is so lovely!Along with Mr. Darcy's proposal, the pair make an awesome duo. I especially love how Emma's flowers tie into the colors of the proposal too. It is all just so lovely!


  2. I just ordered \”Bygone Beauties.\” I had a hard time decided whether to get those or the dark beauties, but Anne and Diana clinched the deal. I think after this summer I'd be ready to move to Prince Edward Island! I need some cool weather!


  3. Wow, I have so much to catch up with! You've done so many beautiful work since the last time I visited… I think Mr. Darcy's proposal is just brilliant! And the blog is looking so lovely and refreshed. oxx


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