May I present Miss Elizabeth Bennet….

The sun is setting on this weekend and I’ve got one more Austen portrait complete. This is, of course, Miss Lizzie Bennet. And she is such a favorite that I had a hard time getting her down in paint in a way that satisfied me. I decided to let her hair down wild, with some apple blossoms tucked in, and probably 6 inches of mud on her hem, walking down a pasture path with a favorite book. I like my Lizzies a little wild and disheveled. She’s a nice contrast to my Emma painting, although I used the same color palette. They are two very different girls.

   I keep thinking as I delve into this little project that I really should get myself to the U.K. A land of tweed and knits and it’s probably all of 65 degrees there! Oh, to be somewhere (anywhere) where its green and and lush.
   Still waiting on the promised rain here. I’ve seen storms pass just over the horizon and clouds gather and never arrive. It’s frustrating. I really think summer in general gets me all out of sorts.
   But I am still eager about starting a new knitting project. There is a nice knitting store in Tulsa that offers different classes each month, and it was there that I initially learned how to knit (FYI to locals— Loops in Tulsa will teach you to knit for free on Monday evenings! It was lots of help to me!)
  Anyhow….not a lot to report that’s of much excitement. What’s going on in your part of the world? Let’s chat 🙂

13 thoughts on “May I present Miss Elizabeth Bennet….

  1. Lizzie is so fresh and youthful in her lovely long curls with flowers. I love the colors you used as well. Beautiful! Yes, the long hot summers begging for rain does drain me too of energy. I am so enjoying these days of low 70s with brief showers in Paris. They say this sort of weather is normal for July. I am trying to love each minute as 8 know in just over a week , I will return to months still of tropical heat and humidity!! I think all of northern Europe has overall cooler weather with a few hot days sprinkled here and there. But then again, they have these orange trees in pots so they can move indoors for all of the months my orange tree is loaded with beautiful oranges to pick over a few months! Each area has its good points.


  2. Lol it's funny, here in the UK we've pretty much had non-stop rain (and with it lots of flooding) since the begining of June and we're longing for several days of unbroken sunshine.I love your Lizzie, she's definitely somebody I'd like to be friends with, even if I do have total hair envy, I'd love long curly hair like that.


  3. I've already programed the places in England we're going to visit this autumn into the weather app in my iPhone. I open it and it reads,\”Wichita- 104, Oklahoma CIty- 100, London- 68, Cambridge- 70, Marlborough- 63.\” Of course it's been raining there for months, but I'll take that any time over summer here in Kansas. It's even been hot with the air conditioning on! We're having a bit of a reprieve this week, though. Highs are only in the nineties…LOVE the portrait of Lizzie. She's definitely one of my absolute favorite literary heroines. \”We must allow her to be an excellent walker.\” 🙂


  4. Lizzie is so very charming! I picture her on the way home after sitting under a quiet tree all day reading.I hope you get a nice rain storm soon. We finally are getting some summer here. We are trying to enjoy it while it lasts.


  5. Oh my, I do believe you have done Miss Bennet a generously fair and stunning interpretation. I LOOOOVE Jane Austen. Most folks I know can't bear the thought of reading her… but it's the subtlety I appreciate. I think you really do belong somewhere in the English countryside. Your beautiful, cozy art sings of it!


  6. hello dear Heather! what a wonderful portrait of Lizzie!!! I love the glow you got there, the look in her eyes, and love her wild hair! you really got something here! have you received my letter yet? I guess not! here it´s very lush and green, almost to green 🙂 but don´t you always want wats at the other side of the water? I´m happy about this summer now but it could still be a bit warmer anyway*tired tonight, I rest and look at life..just Lycke


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