Indoor Persuits

    These blistering summer weeks have made all our activities of late take place decidedly indoors. The rain and “cool” we were expecting never came. Instead of the 89 we were promised, we got 98. *insert cranky scowl here.”

   Some of you who are lucky enough to be in much milder climates have asked how I survive it. Well, I routinely complain about it and daily hide from it. More often than not, all the doors are closed and shades are drawn. You either do what you need to do early in the morning or at dusk. In the middle– the small girls and small dogs prefer to sleep!

   I’m keeping myself pretty busy though! I’ve got several projects going all at once– you should see the pile that is my desk! It’s a good thing though. And I took SisterlyLove’s advice though and started work on a cable knit ear warmer and it’s keeping me very entertained and pleased with its progress so far. I’ve been watching Emma and knitting a bit between chores and painting. So far, so good I think! I think after this I might tackle a larger cable knit scarf. I love that it looks so very complicated when it’s really…not!

   How are you spending your July days? This is always such a busy month, despite the weather. I am looking forward to September myself. My birthday is at the end of the month, and we’re one step closer to sweater weather! It’s also when my next show will be, Indie Emporium, and I’m looking forward to it! I think I’ve had a nice break from shows since my last full craft show was in December. I am vowing to not over commit myself this December though, and I really want to enjoy the holiday season with my family and not be fretting about things I need to get done. I’ve got some new ideas up my sleeve for the fall and winter, and I hope that you all will enjoy them as much as I’ve been plotting them!

  Well, the painting table is calling and I need to take advantage of this time when a certain little home-from-school-girl is taking a nap!
   Til next time,

14 thoughts on “Indoor Persuits

  1. we too have been suffering through some very muggy heatwave. it's hard and i don't feel much inspired to turn on an iron and sew ;0small knitting projects are fun though-thanks for sharing the link to the earwarmer-i may have to try that one :)stay cool 🙂


  2. Yes, I'm so done with this heat and being stuck in doors. I've started crocheting again, which is kinda funny since it's so hot.I really want to do Indie Emporium. I may just have to kick my tushy into gear. I just don't want to commit and then have nothing.I need to watch some Jane Austen. Or Anne-girl, or North and South. I think I'm in the mood.


  3. That cable is looking good! There's something really rewarding about them. They're so pretty and plush.Like you, I am just staying inside, which sucks. I'm doing a lot of reading, though. It's a good thing I like books!Your pups are so sweet. Paul and I have lived in apartments and duplexes for so long that we've both gotten used to not having any pets. We do talk about wanting puppies or kitties (or hedgehogs), though. I really want a stoat, but that would be illegal (and possibly dangerous).


  4. We're being forced to stay indoors here in the UK too, but rather than the heat, it's rain that's doing it for us. I can't remember such a wet summer. Your dogs are so cute.


  5. Heather I do love that cable scarf! It will be so perfect when it finally cools down late next fall. I am very excited to see what projects you will be unveiling!! No doubt they will be fun and inspired by your love of folk art/ vintage perspective! Maybe the Tulsa heat is \”cooking up\” the new Audrey Electric ??


  6. Sweet sweet puppy love!!! 🙂 You July days look rather cozy, I must say. I'm spending my own cooped up in the office, and at the lake on weekends. Which would be divine minus the enormous amount of mosquitos that like to bite me!


  7. Aaah vowing not to keep oneself too busy. That sounds like someone I've mistakenly promised myself before…;-)Stay cool, friend! It looks like the pups have the right idea.


  8. hello sweet you. I really feel sad about the weather there..I understand it must be hard, wish you could come here for some cooler breezes, it would have been nice. and the knitted earwarmer. it looks similar to the one I and Sara are wearing almost year around 🙂 really love it, I have one white, one navy blue and one golden yellow..wear it her even in summer when cooler days…*no letter yet?love Lycke


  9. I think we got your expected 89 degrees, sorry! 😉 Let me tell you, it was so nice while it lasted! Not to brag or anything lol. Cool and breezy but now we are back to the hot and sticky. Hang in there, fall will be here before we know it!


  10. Looks like you are all finding ways to beat the summer heat! 🙂 Interestingly enough, I will buy my knitting magazines but don't get the urge to knit until it is cooler! LOL My birthday is in the fall, too, and I totally welcome the return of sweater weather! There's nothing better than curling up in a warm fuzzy sweater with a nice hot cup of cocoa. 🙂


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