‘God Jul’ in July!

   Hello and good morning! It’s been a few days since my last post, mainly because my days have been so busy! But I thought I’d take a minute to show you some sweet little treasures I got to help cool down this hot summer, and a pretty little ear warmer that I just finished— in anticipation of cooler days in the (distant…) future!

  I was so thrilled to get a little package of Swedish Christmas treasures from Lycke at Till-Vidas-Ara who lives in northern Sweden where they are enjoying a summer of midnight sun at the moment! She sent me the most adorable sheets of vintage wrapping paper, one illustrated by Swedish artist Jenny Nystrom, and some little gift note cards with adorable snow scenes and tomtes and Swedish Christmas greetings on them. I think they will definitely inspire my Swedish Christmas fascination and put me in the ‘god jul’ spirit as I paint holiday scenes! *Thank you, Lycke!*

  I also finished that cable knit ear warmer the other day and I think it turned out really cute! I used a very soft white yarn that a friend gave me back in September that I was saving to use ‘for something special.’ I think it will serve me well once the weather turns chilly! And I’m proud to have conquered a cable knit!

  I also got my hair cut even shorter a couple of weeks ago— it’s about shoulder length now in a long bob and I like it! Much easier to manage…I have a ton of hair and it can get a bit overwhelming to try to control. My shorter locks have also inspired me to try new hair styles, and I think it’ll look nice with some knit wear hats and warmers like this. Come on, October!!!

  Well, hope you enjoyed a little ‘God Jul’ in July! I feel cooler already, don’t you?
have a good day, and chat with you later!~

12 thoughts on “‘God Jul’ in July!

  1. Loving the cable headband, well done, it looks great on you.I can imagine the thought of Christmas is cooling in all your heat. But here I'm thinking please can we have a taste of summer before we're plunged back into winter gloom. Lovely cheery gifts though 😀


  2. I would trade you your rainy cool summer in a heartbeat, Annie! Too bad its not possible, huh? I bet my flowers would look glorious! Hang in there though, hope you get some sun soon!


  3. Those Swedish Jul notes are just the cutest ever! And you did great job on the cable ear warmer! Was the stitch hard to learn? I have never tried but I love the look of cables. It was cool in the mid 60s in most of our France trip but as I sit in the Atlanta airport waiting a connection, I know the heat is just outside these windows!! But , we shall think positive because that ear warmer on a cooling October eve will come!!


  4. hello sweet you!!! so happy you liked them and so heartwarming seeing them here. little vintage tomtes..* and the earwarmer looks so lovely, I think it´s almost exact the ones me and Sara have, and I love them so much. it looks adorable on you and I love your long bob. wish I had thicker hair, but extansions helps a bit :)love Lycke


  5. I love the ear warmer, wish I had the patience to learn to knit, sew, crochet, etc. but I don't. I'd rather sit around drawing or painting. I like the new hair-do!


  6. Your ear warmer is fabulous! Come on, October! :-)The Swedish Christmas stuff is so cute. I love the thought of snow right now (it's supposed to be 108 degrees today), but I'll just have to wait.


  7. Oh some lovely swedish vintage christmas from Lycke has found it´s way to you in Oklahoma. Despite the fact that´s it´s summer here I almost feel as if I want it so be chistmas…You will love wearing your headdress! Lycke and I have both similar ones and we both love wearing ours.


  8. well done on your knitting! your ear warmer looks very soft and cosy. i can't do cable knitting, not yet 😉 xmas cards with scandinavian themes – lovely, esp that one with a gnome!


  9. I really like the cabled headband, and would like to make one (I have learned to cable). Where can I get a pattern–I looked on Ravely but didn't find one exactly like that style–the one you chose had all the features that I want. Thank you so much!


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