About to Bloom

    This sunflower is growing in my herb bed and it’s about ready to unfurl. It’s a good 6 or 7 feet tall now, one of the Russian Giant seeds we tossed around the garden. There’s a lot of anticipation about it— how big and beautiful will it be? Will it draw in the birdies? Will it survive Cocoa trying to climb it? Only time will tell.

    This sense of anticipation is something I feel about my art as well. It’s been 6 months now since I’ve done a show, and I’ve really looked closely at what I want out of my selling experience and shows, what people seem to want from my art, and how best to go about growing my business.

   I’ve come to the conclusion that my strength in selling is in paper goods— although I honestly fought that for a good long time. Pre-recession, it wasn’t too much to expect that people would want to buy originals. At my very first craft show, I only had originals to offer. And surprisingly— I sold some! But the economy has changed and buyers have changed, and while they’ve subtly been telling me what they like with their dollars (prints, postcards, etc.) I was really set in my ways and refusing to listen. And it was frustrating.

   But luckily, (finally!) something has clicked in my brain and I see new opportunities. This summer I have been working on new projects and new ideas, mainly to do with paper goods. My plan is to start offering greeting cards and more postcard sets, generally more paper items. Perhaps even invitations— I’ve never done art for a wedding invitation, but I’ve done several couples paintings and I think it would be a fun transition into something new.

   I’ve kept these ideas close for a while now, but I thought perhaps it was time to share so we could brainstorm together. What kind of cards would you like to see from Audrey Eclectic? Do you prefer sets with all the same image, or a mixed variety? What seasons or events spur you to send cards— Christmas, Valentines Day…..or what other type of paper good would you like to see in the shop in the future?

    I’m hoping these changes will be positive and beautiful and natural. I have a feeling they will be, because it’s amazing how when you finally get on the right track, things start falling into place. I’m trying my best just to follow along and trust that this is where I should be going. And I can’t wait to take you along with me!

   Have a good weekend,

16 thoughts on “About to Bloom

  1. I think the greeting/note card set is a great idea! I'm always on the lookout for cute note cards to send to people, because I realize that people still enjoy getting real mail. I write to my grandmother a lot, and I really don't like sending her the same card twice. 🙂 So I'd prefer a mixed set. As for holidays, I'm all about Halloween, and anyone who knows me is aware of this, so I'd be willing to send some spooky cards all year long. I hope this helps!


  2. Christmas, halloween, anniversaries/weddings, and people with babies… But also some without people (unless that would compromise your vision too much) to sell as blank sets. Another market might be hobbies? knitting, sewing, reading, cooking, gardening, playing musical instruments… Hope to see you this fall! 🙂


  3. I love the idea of more prints! I love your artwork, but forking over for an original is not in my budget. I also love the note card idea. I think a variety of cards (rather than the same image) would be my preference. Typically the note cards I purchase are Thank You Cards, blank every day cards, and Christmas Cards. Kudos to you for evaluating and exploring. 🙂


  4. I love the idea of a variety of notecards or old time looking postcard sets! Have you ever thought of painting journal covers? I would love to own a journal with one of your lovely paintings as the cover!


  5. I can understand, as an artist, why you'd want to focus on paintings rather than prints. There's more personality and depth to a work on canvas than a print. Of course, that doesn't stop people from going to museum gift shops and buying post cards! I'm glad you'll be expanding your paper goods so everyone can afford some Audrey Eclectic loveliness.That being said, I hope that you'll have lots of buyers for your paintings, as well.


  6. THat looks to be a gorgeous sunflower! 🙂 I'm happy to see that you are expanding your line – prints are awesome for folks who can't always afford originals. Maybe you can offer bookmarks, too, for us old-fashioned bookworms. They are like mini works of art and serve a very useful purpose. 🙂 Cards are a great idea, too! 🙂


  7. THank you ladies! I think we're all thinking along the same lines, although I love having feedback, I want to make sure I'm going in a good direction 🙂 I think too it will be a lot less pressure for me to feel like I have to create a massive amount of originals and instead work on more seasonal collections. I cant wait! Thanks!~


  8. Dear Heather,A pack of mixed designs, please! Beautiful cards to send out to special people at all times of year, I think. Doest that help?Good for you for moving with the times.Stephanie


  9. I feel for Valentine's Day your Jane Eyre and Jane Austen inspired paintings would be perfect cards for that day.You can do some cards also for Halloween. That has a pretty gothic or autumn feel to it.It's really cool you came to this conclusion for your business..so you can bring your lovely art to more people.


  10. Hi Heather! I would prefer mixed sets of cards where all the cards in the set have a common theme. Isn´t it exciting when one feels that one is heading in a new, better direction. I agree with the lady above that bookmarks would be nice. Also, if you ever feel like it I´m sure tote bags with your images would sell really well.


  11. Greeting cards… I'm always looking for something unique which is so hard. A perfect example…at my DIL's wedding shower…she received six cards all exactly the same. How sad is that? There is no variety out there…so that's what I would want….greeting cards for all occasions:) I had a lovely surprise the other day. I had won a blog giveaway and when I opened the package there was a postcard…one of yours…I love it.


  12. Hi Heather– I finally got wifi again and could read this post. I am I agreement that there are many possibilities for cards, gift tags, invitations, posters, maybe calendars, and small journals. The major holidays offer the chance to have unique cards and items to give to friends and family. Your themes seem to offer a good backdrop for many combinations at various times of the year. Christmas. Fall. Halloween. Etc. but a few paintings every now and then would still be wonderful because they are just so fun and beautiful. Since you love fall, the upcoming season will be the perfect launch for your new ideas!! I can't wait to see what gets released!!


  13. But just so you know, I'm still a lover of originals. I'd rather have an original than a print any day. There's something extra special about being able to see the paint directly applied to the piece, and the signature that means so much more. I also collect signed books, so that's just my thing. 😉


  14. I can see where you might be slightly disappointed in selling more prints and paper goods than originals, but as for me, I know that when I saw your work for the first time I *fell in love*. I am pretty thrifty (ok… I'm cheap) and do not really consider myself an art collector, but I absolutely had to have one of your prints and I would have been sorely disappointed if only more expensive originals had been available to purchase. I also like the idea of a mixed set. Just my two cents. 🙂


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