Mad Tea Party: Prairie Alice

    Once upon a time, on the vast and open prairie there lived a little girl named Alice. She wore a straw hat and a pretty cotton dress and combed the wild grasses on the search for adventure. One day she started out from her little sod house near a creek looking for some excitement. She was a very curious sort. When out of the bramble she spied a fat white speckled rabbit springing down a little path….

   She followed the  rabbit down deep into the bramble. Once she even caught it and gave the rabbit a sweet nuzzle. But the rabbit decidedly had somewhere to be!
   “I’m late, I’m late!” The rabbit said, twitching it’s little whiskered nose, and scrambled out of her arms and down a hole beside a tree.
   “Don’t go! Wait for me!” Cried Prairie Alice, and down the hole she went, after the rabbit.

   After tumbling through much dirt and vines and silly things like pianos and wardrobes, Prairie Alice came to a strange little house where she could hear laughter and music. She saw the little rabbit bound into the house and so she followed, where she saw the most amazing tea party being held.
   There were all sorts of singing animals and creatures lined up at a table drinking tea and eating toast with butter and jam. Prairie Alice soon found herself being ushered in and sat at the table.
   “Don’t mind if I do…” She smiled, taking a plate and a tea cup and joining in with the merriment...

   Alice stayed at the party quite a long time. She ate and drank her fill until all the strange animals decided to go home. Alice followed them out, and discovered she was quite sleepy.
   “I’ll just shut  my eyes here in this flower patch for a moment,” yawned Alice as she settled among some sunflowers near the funny little cottage. She wasn’t certain how she would get home, but she was too tired to care.

   A moment later Prairie Alice opened her sleepy little eyes and, oh! She was back in her little sod house on the prairie, in a pile of Mama’s best quilts and her little cat Dinah snuggled beside her!
   Had she really been gone? Or had it all been a dream?
  She tasted a bit of raspberry jam on the corner of her mouth. She would never know for certain if she had truly been down the rabbit hole or not….

“Prairie Alice”
Miss Audrey as Prairie Alice
Lilybel the rabbit as The White Rabbit
Cocoa the kitty as Dinah

Thank you for stopping by our Mad Tea Party post! The Mad Tea Party was hosted by our lovely friend Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. Stop by her blog and visit all the other tea parties going on this very same day for more treats and fun, giveaways and surprises!

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