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  A big thanks to all who came by to take part in the Mad Tea Party yesterday! It was nice to hear from all of you, and I had fun getting to see all the other parties going on around the web!

All this partying has got me thinking about upcoming seasons and holidays that I am very much looking forward to, and I think we’ll do some celebrating here at Audrey Eclectic. I’ve got my eye on September as the time to celebrate the coming of fall and to debut several new things— including art, cards and prints in the shop.

I do have a few new things that I just added however— including a print of “Lars”, and I replenished my postcard sets, including the “Bygone Beauties” set which sold out and a new set (pictured above) with some new, never seen before postcards— including “Maple and Bittersweet” and my Little House inspired “Prairie Girls.” These cards are called “A Girl for All Seasons” because they feature a scene from every season, so there will always be a perfect card to send no matter what time of year it is! You can find all these items ready to buy in my etsy store.

Some things I am also looking forward to debuting include a Swedish Christmas postcard set, and the arrival of notecards, which I just ordered! I’ve never before carried notecards (they’ll be traditional cards with envelopes) so I’m excited to see them and hope you like them too.

Well, I guess I better get back to painting–

6 thoughts on “New Items

  1. Notecards sound exciting! I love blank cards that I can use for any occasion. They also make a great gift for someone too. Be careful outside as the heat really can exhaust you quickly! Maybe August will see a break in the pattern??? I wonder how the early settlers endured those hot Oklahoma summers without A/C?


  2. I just adore \”Maple and Bittersweet.\” I have your business card/post card stuck to my fridge with a magnet and I smile every time I see it (which is a lot). Can't wait to see the Swedish Christmas postcard set and the notecards. Exciting!


  3. P.S. I'll trade Annie, too! It's going to be as hot in Wichita this week as Abu Dhabi. I grew up in Oklahoma City and yes, we'd sometimes have about 20 days in late July/early August with 100-degree temps, but this 100+ for months is something new. I had hoped that last summer was a one-off, but it looks like punishing heat might become the new normal. That makes me sad.P.P.S. Lars is so adorable.


  4. hello sweet Heather! here it has been so much, you know, swirling summer an loads of children and doings 🙂 now my husband is back for work and I´m alone with them, up early today to have some time for myself. so happy for your words at my place and I will mail you soon I think. love these cards with season-theme, but you know I love all your art and are sure that you are becoming a very famous artist***here it´s warmer days and summer still, but I´m glimpsing against autumn, not svared of the thought anymore :)love Lycke


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