Absolutely Autumnal

   I’ve heard stories that in other places, far far away, people are having a nice summer. I’ve even heard outlandish tales of people in the UK not even getting a proper summer– being stuck in a rainy springtime. But here….well, for most of the U.S. I think– we are in a baking season we’d rather forget. This week I’ve had to bring all the outdoor creatures indoors, because I’m not sure that the poor rabbits could survive in 114 degrees, and for days at a time. Even little Cocoa has had some respite inside during the day, and he purrs happily cuddled up in a quilt on the couch with the AC blowing on him. I think everyone in this particular house is in general agreement: It is too hot outside for anything or anyone.

   That’s why, when I was at the store the other day and saw the magazine display above I was so excited! Pumpkins! Spice cake! Autumn flowers! Being able to be outdoors without feeling like you’re literally cooking! I was surprised to see the magazines out already (when I took this photo we still had a day or two left of July) but I am happy to see it. It means autumn is on its way. And there is nothing I like better than an autumn magazine!

And in celebration of the approaching season, I just finished this little piece and I think she turned out really cute! Sort of a sassy little witch. I’ve named her “Myra.” I love a more subdued Halloween palette, like black and white with a touch of moss green or a punch of burnt orange. I’m thinking up other autumn/halloween scenes, of course to have them all ready for the early September debut. What are your favorite parts of autumn or Halloween? And if you’re an international reader, what does Autumn bring to where you live? I think I probably have a very American view of autumn, what with pumpkins and crows and things like that. I’d love to hear about the autumn traditions of other places!

   Well, lots to do as usual. I’m working on a large commission right now, and also dreaming up some new seasonal things. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I always enjoy hearing from you 🙂

7 thoughts on “Absolutely Autumnal

  1. We are finally enjoying some mild summer weather here in Washington, it has been similar to what the UK has been getting with a lot of drizzly days that feel more like spring than summer. I'm sorry to hear you are still baking there, boy I'm sure when fall arrives it will be a welcome relief.There are so many things to love about Autumn, pumpkins, the color orange, Halloween, pumpkin spice creamer. I'm also curious about what it's like in other countries.Love the new painting, she's a sweetie, but she has a mischievous twinkle in here eye.Stay cool!


  2. A wonderful post! I've enjoyed summer more this year than I can remember. But I am a Fall and Winter girl for sure… especially living in Southern California. They are my favorite seasons. Hope you're having a fab day!


  3. I love Myra! She's adorable. I am soooooo ready for autumn (but you know that because we complain about the heat several times a week!). If it weren't for the Olympics, Paul and I should have gone to England this month instead of waiting for October. I could use some cold and rainy.


  4. Myra is gorgeous! I love her! I simply cannot wait for autumn. I adore everything about it – especially here in New England. I love the fall foliage and the chill in the air that allows me to wrap myself up in sweaters galore. And fall baking is great – apple pies, pumpkin pies…yum! 🙂 I saw a few Halloween magazines about and it brought a big smile to my face! Can't wait!!!


  5. Wonderful magazines! It MUST BE in America, by the look of them! No doubt!Why, oh why dont we have such great press in the uk?I know Halloween is A BIG DEAL in the USA and I'm truly envious of your Walmart shops with their press racks loaded with such great magazines.We do have some halloween themes in the uk – mostly in papercrafts and cross stitch magazines but it is better done and sold to the public in the States.


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