Knitting and What-Not

   A few days ago I attended a local fiber festival that I’d heard good things about, but never gone to. Isn’t it funny how sometimes these things happen in your own backyard? Well, this year I made a point of stopping by the Fiber Christmas in July event at the Creek County Fairgrounds and it was a fiber lover’s dream. There was everything from raw sheep’s wool waiting to be processed to finished and hand-dyed yarn. Although I saw a lot of beautiful things I would have loved to take home with me, I chose some pretty pink artisan yarn from Two Windows Dye Co. that knits up in a beautiful and quirky way and I’m making a floppy little gnome hat for Audrey with it. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

   I’ve also decided that I’d really like to learn to make some mittens. I saw some amazing Scandinavian-style mittens from a local business called Lost City Knits and talked with the owner a bit about what goes into making them. She assured me that I probably was at a level I could make them, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve never done color work. I think I’ll make some plain-Jane mittens first just to test out skills like making cuffs and thumbs. Anyone have a really easy mitten pattern to share? In the meantime, these are the beautiful mittens from Lost City Knits– she sells a kit where you get the pattern and yarn for two pairs HERE.

   And when I’m not scheming about what to knit next and fawning over pretty yarn, I am managing to get some good painting done! I just finished a really special family portrait that I’m eager to show off. It’s on it’s way to Connecticut right now, and I hope the family loves it!
   I am also building up some fall and Halloween themed paintings, including this little cutie that I just sealed up this morning! If all goes *according to plan* I’m going to have a lot of new things to share with you all come the beginning of September and I’m so excited! It will be the beginning of a lot of new things here at Audrey Eclectic.

So, while I’m mulling over Halloween and the fall season— let me know, what are your favorite things about these times of year? They just might make their way into a painting!~

Also, just wanted to let you know that while we’ve taken a summer break from Tasha Tuesdays, they will be back! Tasha’s birthday (Aug. 28) falls on a tuesday this year, and so I think that’s a sign that we need to have a big celebration and bring back the series, don’t you think? Time to start planning 🙂

Well, lots to do today…..

7 thoughts on “Knitting and What-Not

  1. I love your new Halloween painting!!! She is just the cutest in that polka dot dress. Your new yarn is so lovely and no wonder you are inspired to knit in the midst of soaring outside temps! Attending a show or fair where artisans bring hand dyed wool would be so fun and I know I would love all of the beautiful wool for sale. Mittens? I have tried on a few occasions and not been very successful. May I suggest you go to a local knitting shop and talk to an expert about a pattern for a first attempt. I found the thumb part to be very tricky never mind different colors for a pattern. Of course you must show us how it all turns out. I can't wait to see this adorable hat you are making for Audrey with such great yarn!PS. Yay for the return of Tasha Tuesdays !!


  2. Your little Halloween girl is adorable! I love the whimsical folky feel it has 🙂 I've been wanting to learn to knit for ages, but just never seem to start….too many projects and too little time! I look forward to seeing your new goodies in September!Angela


  3. Ohhh goodness..I would love to learn to knit! How fantastic that would be! Although Another world of crafty goodness opening up would have me drooling over supplies that I cannot afford at the moment.. :/ I'm already like an 8 year old with the Dick Blick catalog! I can only imagine if yarn came into my life!! 🙂 haha.I love your painting!! And Fall is my favorite time of year! Hands down! I don't know if that is due to being an October baby or not…but ohh the cool weather…wearing layers, piles of freshly fallen leaves! I am so so ready! 🙂 I have old issues of Country Home and Country Living…and Martha going back over 15 yrs!! Fall issues are the best!!!!Thanks for sharing!xo Jenny


  4. Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog today to read Jenny's interview! I loooove seeing bright, colorful, crafty supplies like this wool! I actually saw a wool/yarn vendor at the last craft fair I attended… too bad I don't knit. Your Halloween painting is just gorgeous. =)


  5. Thank you all!~! I actually didn't learn to knit until 2 or 3 years ago. I learned at a local yarn shop that hosts a free learn to knit night (Loops, if you're in the Tulsa area) I think a lot of shops hosts things like this though— to getcha hooked 😉 I think Michaels also offers some learn to knit and crochet classes for not much money. Its nice to have a live person in front of you to show you the wawy. you tube has been great too!~


  6. Love the witch! She's too cute.As for a mitten pattern, you should get your hands on a copy of The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd. There are patterns for mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, vests and sweaters. The best thing? You can use whatever yarn you want because all of the patterns are written in several different gauges and a ton of different sizes. It doesn't look very exciting because the patterns are all really basic, but the instructions are excellent and everything can be easily customized.


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