A Downton Abbey-esque Family Portrait

   For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a large project for a lovely lady that was right up my alley– a Downton Abbey style family portrait featuring her family! It was a fun challenge, and my biggest painting to date at 30×40″ in size!
   She wanted it to have a more impressionist and free-flowing look to it and I used a color called Indian Summer as the background. The camera had a hard time capturing it– but it is a lovely cross between turquoise and robin’s egg blue. She has a beautiful little family that was perfect for the era she wanted and I had fun with all the Edwardian style outfits and tucking in the little Siamese cat.
  To give you an idea of the size of the piece, my husband so kindly took a photo with me beside it to give a sense of scale. Honestly, I think it was bigger than it looks here 😉 It will make a great ‘above the mantle’ piece!

   Lately I’ve been asked to do some really special and personal pieces and gotten to know some wonderful folks in the process. I am touched that people will share their stories and their families with me and trust me to take those images and stories and special things and make them a work of art. I never want anything less than perfection and love when it comes to making something for a family. And it always fun to try and figure out what will be the perfect way to convey on wood or canvas all the things that someone loves.

   I hope you like the painting! And from what I have heard, I think the new owners like it as well! That’s always my goal!~

   Have a great weekend, and a good week ahead. I think after some hot first few days, we’re going to cool down here some! And fingers crossed, maybe see a raindrop or two. That would be amazing!~
   Wishing you well and a happy evening,

9 thoughts on “A Downton Abbey-esque Family Portrait

  1. SO lovely, Heather!! You captured it perfectly! I'm having a hard time waiting for the new season of Downton Abbey….I started re-watching season two to help me wait! 😀


  2. Hi Heather, this is absolutely beautiful! Although I haven't met the family, I'm sure you've captured their personality, their family's essence in your art, because you're very talented in this. Just look at your Jane Austen characters!


  3. It's beautiful, Heather! I'm sure the owner is over the moon happy with it. I know what you mean about working on more personal pieces. What I love most about custom portraits is that I get to learn a lot about the people I'm drawing.


  4. What a masterpiece, Heather! It is quite lovely and I love all of the lovely Edwardian styling and details. This will be for sure a long time treasure in their home and an heirloom for their family.


  5. What a fun idea! I love all their outfits. I always want to put my hair up in a fluffy Edwardian bun but I can never get mine to do it (probably all the curl).


  6. oh my god how beautiful!!! almost as I want one to our family..maybe one day (smiles)I am sure they love it very much. as always I see very much personality and energy in your painting..ohh lovely! and you are so sweet and beautiful. so happy to see you. here it is in the middle of the night now and I will try to get to bed ..'love Lycke


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