End of Summer Sale!

    Who doesn’t love starting off the week with a good sale?! I know I do 🙂
Just this morning I have marked down many of my prints and original pieces in the shop in an effort to tidy up a bit in anticipation of my big autumn debut of many new items. I’m hoping that Sept 1st will be the date of the big update. 
   Several originals such as ALL my Little House on the Prairie pieces are on sale, as well as many other originals and prints. I hope you come by and check it out! They want new homes before Autumn settles in and they’re surrounded by witches and santas!~

  Click HERE to go visit the shop….

   Speaking of witches, I just finished this witchy lady this weekend. Her name is Bronwyn…

She will also be part of the autumn update in September! I think she turned out really sweet. I like witches that are pretty 😉 surely they’re not all green hags, right?
   Well, thanks for stopping by today! I hope you take a moment to visit the shop and see if there’s anything you’d like. 
   Have a great week,

4 thoughts on “End of Summer Sale!

  1. Browyn is quite festive looking ! And who said witches have to be ugly ? I like your interpretation better!! 18 more days till September 1 and 39 more days till the Fall Equinox. But, who is counting? Grin!


  2. hello dear you! I have always been in love with witches, to me they feel beautiful, most of them 🙂 and I thought of being one myself before, hihi, used to say to my children that I am a white kind of one as I use to stop blood on them :))) and I would love to buy all your beautiful paintings, for real, but the money seem to drip drop from our hands now when we are renovating..but it would be lovely anyway. Her it´s hot now . these days 33 in the shadow, lovely hot august and I feel much energy..good ones. wish you a wonderful day..love Lycke


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