Just a peek….

    Well, I have been planning and scheming about greeting cards for what feels like the entire summer! I worked hard on a set of Jane Austen inspired images and then submitted them for printing and today they arrived at my doorstep!

    I’m still playing around with how I will package them and then I will of course have to photograph them properly to show them off. But I wanted to give you a little peek! This is a look at the Jane Austen set, which will include 6 cards in total, featuring 3 designs (you’ll get two of each design in the set.)

   This photo shows my painting of “Emma” and the set also includes Lizzie Bennet and a floral quote that I don’t think I’ve shared yet….do you know what the quote could be? I’ll give you a hint— Persuasion 🙂

   I will get these ready, and I also have a few other little cards that will make two additional sets. I think you’ll like them! They will include cards with just one image, but both sets are of two of my most popular prints. 

   So stay tuned! I hope to get them arranged and photographed tomorrow and maybe…just maybe…I’ll list something early before the September 1 seasonal debut!~

   Have a good evening!~

6 thoughts on “Just a peek….

  1. The fall debut is shaping up to be so exciting! I can't wait to see everything. The Jane Austen cards are going to be a hit as there are so many, many fans of her stories. Only 2 more weeks!!


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