Kid in a Candy Store

         Of all the things I’ve inherited from my father– the brown eyes, the curly hair….
probably the most prominent thing I’ve inherited from him (and now passed to my daughter), is a passion for chocolate.  We crave it. We adore it. We pout a little if none is to be found in the whole house.
         So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was invited for a special Blogger Night at the new See’s Candies in Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa, Ok. At first I wondered “how did they find out about my habit?” and then I just shrugged and RSVPed like nobody’s business! 

   So my little mini-chocoholic and I joined our good friend Tasha and other area bloggers and toured the new store, learned more about the company of See’s Candies, and got involved with an indecent amount of chocolate.
    This store in Tulsa is the first in the state of Oklahoma, so it feels special. I also loved learning more about the company’s roots and foundation (the company was started by a man who used some of his beloved mama’s candy recipes and they still use those old fashioned recipes today. That means no hi-fructose corn syrup or preservatives. It’s butter and sugar, people. And that’s quite alright with me!)
   All the stores have black and white tile, just like mama Mary See’s original kitchen where she concocted her treats, and the whole place– from the color scheme to the adorable old fashioned outfits that all the ladies working there wear– has a striking vintage vibe.

        We were treated to lots of wonderful chocolate and even played an “I Love Lucy”- esque chocolate packing game (did you know the famous chocolate factory scene in “I Love Lucy” was filmed at See’s Candies in the 1950s?) and Audrey made a terrific mess of herself with just one innocent chocolate lollipop. 
    Some of my favorite pieces included the Dark Chocolate Chip truffle and an amazing Apple Pie truffle that made me think of our friend Winnie and her love of apples.

    Then at the end of the evening they handed us each our own bag full of more chocolate and little Audrey and I went home, giddy on chocolate and excited about our latest adventure. I hope she’ll remember this, the night Mama took her to the candy store and she got anything she wanted just by pointing her little finger and flashing a smile. What a fun evening!~ And many thanks to See’s Candies for inviting us to get to know them and sharing their wonderful treats with us.

  Til next time,

PS: See’s Candies in Tulsa is having their Grand Opening this weekend, starting today! So stop by and get yourself a little treat!~

8 thoughts on “Kid in a Candy Store

  1. Did they happen to mention anything about a store possibly opening in the OKC area soon? I usually only get my fill of See's when I go back to CA. Cashew Brittle is my favorite piece. Sounds like you had a marvelous time!


  2. They didn't say anything about one coming to OKC yet, but they seem to be expanding westward and I imagine if Tulsa goes well they might look into an OKC store. I think they're opening several in Texas as well!


  3. I just read an article today in the New York Times that Sees was opening stores further east. I went to my first one in San Francisco but it was much smaller that this one. Their candies are really amazingly delicious too. And Apple Pie Truffle?? You know I would have had to buy some of that !! What a memorable time for you and Audrey to enjoy together!! My guess is that there will be many more enjoyable trips for some must have chocolate!


  4. Sees candy, Yum! My favorite is mint chocolate truffle.I didn't know that scene from I Love Lucy was filmed at Sees, that's an interesting tidbit of info. I used to watch a lot of that show when I was little.


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