Gourd Plans

     Last week I wrote about trying to come up with an idea for what to do with all my dried gourds from last year. While thinking about it, I remembered this gourd bird house hanger in one of my favorite decorating books, Seasons at Seven Gates Farm (which I also wrote about not that long ago…I guess it’s on my brain!) and I knew that this would be the perfect project!
    The piece will look beautiful in the middle of my veggie and herb bed, an it wont require a lot of work with the gourds, just putting a hole in for the birdies to get into. I think the wooden hanger will be good too since we have a curious little kitty who can now climb the fence and our little trees with ease.

      I was talking to my mom about making this since my parents live on much more wooded land where I might be able to find some thick branches like the ones needed to make the stand and she told me that she had made this project as well, back in the 90s. I don’t know why I don’t remember it! But I’m looking forward to making my own! Hopefully sometime soon I can go searching through the woods for some pieces to make the stand and then get to work. I can’t wait!

   Well, hope you have a good start to your week! And don’t forget— tomorrow Tasha Tuesdays returns!~

5 thoughts on “Gourd Plans

  1. I like the idea of a rustic wooden hanger for the bird house gourds! Just a thought here. If kitty can scale a fence or tree, would he be able to scale a wooden hangar frame as well? Or would a metal one be more cat proof? We have a kitty that has proven quite resourceful when it comes to fencing and bird feeder placements!!! You must post the final outcome as I would love to see it all finished!!


  2. Well, I'm hoping that the little wooden poles will be more awkward to climb than a sturdy fence post, and since the gourds hang down it will be hard for him to get at them and really do any harm. I'm thinking of maybe hanging some other gourds in my tree though….we've never had birds nest in our yard and I'd really love it if they did!


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