Tasha Tuesdays Returns

           Hello there, my friends! I am so happy to have you here today with me on the blog as we revive the Tasha Tuesday feature here at Audrey Eclectic and also celebrate Tasha’s birthday! Tasha was born on this day in 1915 and led an extraordinary and rich life.
         Lately you often hear that Thoreaux quote: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”
        That was Tasha’s motto in life, and I believe it’s through her use that the quote has regained notice. Because she truly did live a life of her dreams– created out of hard work and determination— but clearly of her own vision.

Over the decades we’ve come to know this elusive and often reclusive artist through her many illustrated children’s books, cards and calenders, as well as through books on her lifestyle, garden and crafts. Tasha was an interesting and complex woman. She was complicated, sometimes difficult, and set in her ways. But she was also extremely talented, focused, driven to succeed and made her own path in the world. 

       She is an inspiration to me, as an artist and as someone trying to carve out a unique life. I believe she is also an inspiration to many of you. So let’s take this day to celebrate Tasha, and all the good things she represents.

       As the days grow colder and evening comes quicker, i think we naturally become homebodies. At least for me, autumn is when I really get back into knitting, make simmering soups and stews, curl up with a quilt and a good book, and things start to slow down into a gentle rhythm of homey things. It’s often the time when I’ll bring out my Tasha books to get ideas for holiday gifts and decor, or crafts to work on, or simply just something pretty to enjoy (I love pretty, what can I say.)
     The first book I ever owned about Tasha was “The Private World of Tasha Tudor”, which I found in the bargain bin at my beloved Borders. The cover sleeve had been ripped, and I remember fishing the book out of the box and flipping through it and feeling an odd sensation of joy and familiarity. 
   “This is me! This is me when I’m 80,” I told my husband with excitement and had to buy the book. I’ve decided now as an old couple we will look like Tasha Tudor and Walt Whitman. We will be adorable.
   But I digress….
   What was so thrilling to me that evening many years ago in a bookstore and what still thrills me about Tasha is the immediate sense of a kindred spirit that I felt in her. When you find someone who likes what you like, even if it’s a bit kooky and to some maybe ridiculous or juvenile (I like dolls! I like old dresses! I treat my animals like they are very furry children!) you immediately feel a kinship. You get them, they get you. You want to grab their hand and talk about all the stuff you have in common and jump up and down with excitement– which you rarely do now because you are a grown up person who must only like grown up things. Until you meet that special friend.

   And although I certainly never really met Tasha, and I haven’t met many of you who read and chat with me here, many of us share this same connection and affinity for similar things. It’s nice to find that. And it’s nice to be embraced for being authentically you.
    I think Tasha is wonderful because she was so unabashedly authentic. I am sure she got her share of snickers and comments. I’m sure there was some awkward moment when she was raising teenagers and wearing a calico dress at teacher conferences or school plays. But she was herself. And since we’ve only got this one life to live, you might as well live it being wholly yourself.  And Tasha is a wonderful example of that.

  And so, on this special Tasha Tuesday, take moment (or two, or all day!) and celebrate Tasha and celebrate you. Take a moment to enjoy some tea or coffee or a decadent desert. Take time to let yourself read a bit of that favorite book, or work on that art project you keep putting aside. Take some of your day and devote it to bringing a little happiness and light into the world. Take JOY.


-Images in this post are by photographer Richard Brown.

– For more information on Tasha Tudor, visit her family website

– For more celebrating of Tasha Tudor on this day, visit Clarice’s blog and see other posts about Tasha

19 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesdays Returns

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Tasha on her birthday! I think you are right in pointing out that Tasha lived her life by being true to herself and was not deterred from her vision by what others may have thought. How difficult that must have been at various points in her life's journey! But, her life clearly was her inspiration for her beautiful artwork that so many have enjoyed over the decades. I join you today and others in reflecting on one of America's art treasures. May we all have such courage and gritty determination to be authentic and play out our life using our special gifts and talents!


  2. I love flipping through The Private World of Tasha Tudor. The photographs are so beautiful and it's nice to daydream about living in an old house in New England. I LOVED her books as a child, as well.I think it's great that you're going to be Tasha Tudor and Walt Whitman (hey, built-in Halloween costumes) when you're old. The only thought I've given to being old is that I'm going to spend the entire winter wearing fabulous furs.


  3. Wonderful post, Heather!! I remember being so intrigued by her when I saw her in one of the first issues of Victoria magazine when I was an older teen, and then becoming entranced a few years later when my children were little and I found her children's books! A Time To Keep is still one of my favorites, it still inspires me when I look at it!! :-DThe books about her life and home fill me with awe – she never compromised, she never gave up!! What an amazing person, and so worthy of being a role-model! I am really looking forward to your Tasha Tuesdays posts!


  4. Heather, I will celebrate with you. I also admire her work ethics and try to pattern many of the 'daily living' chores of the 19th century on how she would operate.Great post!Pam


  5. This was a FABULOUS Tasha Tudor Day post!!!!! I loved all that you wrote – and loved some of the whimsical anecdotes you included, too. Hope you are enjoying celebrating on this day – this was such a welcome return to Tasha Tuesdays! 🙂


  6. Dear Heather,Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you and Audrey, too!I, too, love it when it gets cold and I can stay inside where it's warm and spin and knit.We know exactly what you mean about finding special kindred people who like what you like! You said it well.You are making wonderful memories with Audrey, sharing all the old time interests you have with her!We're glad you stopped by our blog! Thank you!Your friends,Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant


  7. Hi Heather, Oooo I got to visit just in time for Tasha Tuesday Birthday post!! 😀 (I have been with out internet for months and have missed visiting here! .. still won't have it for awhile but am glad to be visiting from a Friend's house) Thanks for a great post of your kindred connection with this great unique grand Lady!! Many Blessings Linnie


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