Edgar Allen Crow

       Hello and good morning!~ I’m so glad to see the calender turned to September, aren’t you? Surely the changing leaves and cooling temperatures aren’t far away. At least that is what I’ll tell myself when it reaches 106 degrees today!~
      For this Tasha Tuesday– celebrating American artist Tasha Tudor-— I wanted to share with you a little treasure my friend Holly found for me! Not only does Holly sometimes work at estate sales, she also works at a library so she is a talented book finder! A while back she pointed me to a treasure trove of Tasha books at a local estate sale. There I stocked up on all the books I could afford, lol. 
   Not too long ago I saw my friend and she pulled this little red book out of her purse and handed it to me. It is a 1953 copy of Edgar Allen Crow by Tasha Tudor!

     The illustrations in the book are very sweet and the story most autobiographical because the Tudor clan did have a pet crow called Edgar Allen Crow. What I love about these little books are the childhoods depicted with lots of animals scurrying around, because that’s how my childhood was (although I never had anything as exotic as a crow. I did have a pet monarch butterfly though! Til she hitched a ride to Mexico 😉 )

    You can tell from looking at the drawings in this book that these are Tasha’s children– Bethany, Seth, Thomas and Efner. The book is dedicated “To Bethany and the Lovely Fowl.” I’m sure many children were able to enjoy this quirky little books, since it began it’s life as a library book in New Jersey. Somehow, over the course of nearly 60 years, this book made it’s way to Oklahoma and is now part of my collection– no matter that many of it’s pages are stamped ‘discard.’ Some things are worth saving!

   Do you have a favorite book by Tasha Tudor? Or was there a special book that you checked out of the library over and over as a kid? Libraries and library books are such wonderful things. Even though we live in such a digital age, there is nothing like a real book to hold and look at. Especially a children’s book. And I am happy to have this little book with me now!~

Happy Tasha Tuesday,

7 thoughts on “Edgar Allen Crow

  1. What a wonderful treasure you have! Growing up our next door neighbor had a pet crow but it was mean and would chase me and peck my feet. They do have lots of personality. Maybe Tasha's was better behaved!!


  2. Oh I do believe I am jelly donuts over your fantastic find! I would love to have a copy of one of her older books like that and wouldn't mind one bit if it had \”discard\” stamped on every page. Enjoy it! My favorite book to date is The Dolls' House. Although it was written by Rumer Godden, Tasha's sweet illustrations are abundant throughout the delightful story!


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