An Edwardian Family Portrait

    This past week I finished up another very large portrait (30×40″) for a local family! This was fun to do since I know the family— I remember when the daughter was just a baby! There are some fun details to it– including their Jack Russell Terrier and the mother is wearing Rose’s traveling suit from the movie “Titanic.”

   I love the drama of this large size— it really makes an impact! And this portrait is done in a more impressionist style than I normally do, which gives it lots of movement and energy. What do you think?

   Well, it’s early Sunday morning now, and I.m happy to report it was a nice chilly morning here in Oklahoma. A front blew through here– somewhat violently, sadly– on Friday, just as I was getting Audrey from school. It went from 105 degrees to in the 70s in what felt like just minutes– I’ve heard it was within the hour. All I know is, I was sweltering in the car, and as we drove home the wind picked up and blew everything around and it was cool when we got out of the car. Oklahoma weather is nothing if not dramatic.

   I’ve got a few more custom pieces that are really fun set to do and also need to get cracking for Indie Emporium— it’s this month! It’s going to be an excellent show. If you’re in Oklahoma or nearby (I’m looking at you, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas!) you should come check it out! I am so proud of this state for it’s wonderful indie spirit. Everything at this show is handmade and created with love. It’s the perfect way to support local art and commerce in the area. Plus I’ll be there 🙂 you can come say hi!~

  Well, off to start the day! How are you spending your weekend?

8 thoughts on “An Edwardian Family Portrait

  1. Heather~ This family portrait is really wonderful. I love the impressionistic flair as well. It sort of reminds me of Van Gogh. What a cool idea to have the portrait recreated in Edwardian dress too. Such a unique idea! No doubt the family is thrilled! And I love it that you had a wonderful chilly morning! What a total blessing after endless days of 100+ degrees. And if I lived anywhere close to the Indie event, I would be there in a heartbeat! It sounds like my kind of show to enjoy. You will have to provide us with lots of photos of your booth and the area in general!


  2. Beautiful portrait Heather, you are very talented!Yes, I know that OK weather all too well. Same here for us. We were at my son's football game Friday night when the storm came through. We sat in the pouring rain until they finally delayed it because of lightning. The storm disappeared as quick as it came and they were back out on the field. I'm not too fond of OK weather but I've learned to deal with it, lol.I'm definitely going to try to make the Indie Emporium. I would love to meet you in person and see your work. That is Homecoming weekend though but I'm gonna try to come by for a bit.Thanks for coming by my blog, looking forward to following yours. Have a grand week~


  3. We experienced some wacky weather lately, too. We were in one place where the weather was stormy – but just 20 miles away, near our home, there were tornado warnings! Love the beautiful family portrait! The lovely blues really make it pop!


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