Low Tech Pursuits

   Well, I encountered some technical difficulties yesterday, mainly an internet connection that wouldn’t stay connected for more than a few seconds, and thus Tasha Tuesday came and went without a post. Sorry about that! Believe me, none were more frustrated than I 😉 everything— from details of commissions in my email to our tv or movie watching requires an internet connection. 

  The result? Well, I did get some knitting done! No internet required (unless your pattern is on Ravelry, lol)

  I’m glad that you all enjoyed my 4 minutes of tv fame 😉 I am so happy to have that project done, it sort of consumed my thoughts for the days leading up to it! Now I am very happy to sit by myself with some dogs and paint without a live audience. I am not a performer! But I think it went fairly well, and I was honored to get to represent Indie Emporium in that sort of public way.

   Speaking of Indie, it’s only a little over a week away!!! I can’t wait. It’s going to be lots of fun! I also got my calendars from the printer and can’t wait to show them off!

  Another thing I need to announce is that I think I’ll close my etsy shop from Sept 28-30 while I take all my items to Indie. So…if you’ve had your eye on something, now might be the time to act! Whatever is left over will remain in the shop.

  Thanks for your patience and sorry for a missed Tasha Tuesday!~

3 thoughts on “Low Tech Pursuits

  1. Heather-Maybe the internet loss was a great way to \”debrief\” from the planning and anticipating TV show. You did great but I am sure it was a bit exhausting too.I love the beautiful yarns in your basket. What are you making? Sometimes I think knitting is just the best way to regroup. And it can be one of the few internet free things you can do these days! And I feel confident that Tasha Tudor would have agreed that maybe knitting was the best activity of the day!


  2. I love freshly knit scarves, my grandmother gives me one every year, it's always a surprise to see which multi-colored yarn she's used. I really want to venture to Indie Emporium this year, we will see if I can talk the hubby into treking there with me. 🙂


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