I finished this painting up yesterday, and she was a bit of a surprise. I’ve been working on several custom pieces, but with Indie Emporium now a week away, I felt like I needed to have a few brand new things to offer, and this idea came to me– just a simple, elegant, old fashioned portrait.

   When i started I envisioned her as blond, but then she insisted she was a redhead. And when I got the red hair painted I realized— Is this Joan Holloway? Well, perhaps her mother, since this has more of a 1920s/1930s vibe.

   The idea for her dress is loosely inspired by dresses I’ve seen my great-grandma photographed in during this same era. Just simple and beautifully draped and I wanted to add some floral detail to really make it pop out of the dark background. I also think it sets off her beautiful skin tones. I’m pleased with how this little idea has blossomed! And I named her Camille. Which I think is a perfect name for redheads.

   Well, my birthday is coming up in a couple of days, so I’m looking forward to the weekend and my greatly improved odds for having cake! German chocolate, of course. The chocoholics in my family are a bit obsessed with it.

   And tomorrow will also mark the ‘official’ first day of autumn and for once the weather is cooperating! It will be in the 70s on my birthday Sunday. I am looking forward to it!

   Wishing you a wonderful friday and beautiful first weekend of autumn. Thanks for coming to visit me here today!~

8 thoughts on “Camille

  1. Camille is stunning, Heather. I think she was truly meant to be a redhead. I loved watching your tv show video! You did a terrific job and looked adorable. Silhouettes are so romantic – yours look amazing.Have a wonderful birthday Sunday!


  2. Camille is stunning with her red hair! Plus the colors feel so fall in celebration of the Fall Equinox arriving tomorrow. Best birthday wishes too and I hope that a fabulous cake is being created somewhere in anticipation of Sunday! Lucky you that it will be cooler up your way to make the day even more perfect. Have a wonderful birthday weekend!!


  3. Oh she does look like Joan!! I love the names you choose for your paintings and yay for the approaching birthday and cake! Can't wait for my b-day, my mother always makes me a pumpkin pie istead of cake..YUM!!


  4. I really really really like the way you paint and use colours. Its down to earth but still so vidid! Im an illustrator mysefelf and have been painting alot in the past but nowadays im mostly just draw. But actually this weekend I just painted a customized skateboard for my brother and now im really looking forward to paint some more. Cause its so much fun!


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