Indie Emporium this Weekend!~!

    Ooooh, what a whirl-wind week it has been! Especially yesterday! But I got my booth set up and my friend Tony fancied up my hair and we had a great night last night. I was so happy to see so many familiar faces and also meet some new friends!

    Indie Emporium continues today at Living Arts of Tulsa in downtown Tulsa and runs from noon til 10 pm. I’ll be there allll day, so come by and say hi if you’re nearby! Also, bring a canned food item for the Oklahoma Food Bank and get discounted admission.

   My friend Tony will also have some of his beautiful clothing designs in the fashion show, my friend Samantha will be showing off some awesome steam punk jewelry designs and the lovely and talented Erin will have some of her beautiful hair accessories in the show as well. I cant wait to see it all! And can’t wait to see you too 🙂

Thanks! Now time to get ready  for day 2!~

7 thoughts on “Indie Emporium this Weekend!~!

  1. Heather, you look so beautiful and your booth set up is fabulous! Tony did a great job on your hair style too. I sure hope the attendance to the event is good and that you have a profitable show. Gosh darn, I wish I could attend!!


  2. You look GORGEOUS Heather. Re: Now I have a job! I needed one more job since I only work part-time in the antique shop and my financial situation was very stressful because of that. Later this year I will start working in a small office a few days each week 🙂 I guess the book you read about Highgate Cemetery is Her Fearful Symmetry? I LOVE that book, it´s one of my favourit of all times. 🙂


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