A very Tasha Birthday

      Hello there! Happy Tuesday! And being Tuesday, its also time for my little weekly series– Tasha Tuesday, dedicated to one of my favorite artists, Tasha Tudor.

     This past week I got a very nice package in the mail— I had been contacted by a woman selling some of her Tasha Tudor collection and decide to indulge myself in two books– Pumpkin Moonshine and Becky’s Birthday:

        I have always wanted a copy of Pumpkin Moonshine since that was Tasha’s first book, published in 1938. And while I am still on the hunt for a copy of Becky’s Christmas, I was happy to get a very special copy of Becky’s Birthday for my own birthday! Both are packed with sweet little illustrations, and since they were published decades apart, you can really see how Tasha’s illustrating gained depth and skill. Each book is lovely in it’s own way, but the paintings in Becky’s Birthday are really gorgeous and skillful.

   Another reason I was so thrilled to get a copy of Becky’s Birthday is that it is a signed copy! In the front Tasha has signed and dated ‘1992’. What a precious, precious memento! She signed this book when I was just eleven years old. And to think, twenty years later (twenty?!) it’s come to be mine. Magic!

   I hope you have enjoyed having a little peek at these treasures! I am so happy to add them to my collection. And my apologies for missing last Tuesday— my internet connection was on the fritz and there was just no way to get it done! Thanks for understanding!~


7 thoughts on “A very Tasha Birthday

  1. Ååh how wonderful. what beautiful books and that she wrote in them..it´s magical. love it..so happy to hear from you. have been much here as always, but tonight I take some time off 🙂 and yes it´s such a lovely season now. always loved Autumn, the feelings coming with it…wish you wonderful days..love Lycke


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