A Haunting Under Glass

   There is something so intriguing and beautiful about the little world within a world of terrariums. Inside there are lush and green landscapes, often with a little surprise inside, that makes them so fun to explore.
    I had never build a terrarium until recently, with the help and artistic talent of my friend and fellow Make Tulsa Member, Holly Embry. This lovely little treasure is the end result:

         Because we love all things delightfully spooky around here, Audrey and I decided what we really needed was a Halloween terrarium. Of course! And I knew just the girl to go to to make our spooky dreams come true 😉 Polymer Clay artist, Holly Embry from Hollyrocks! She made us a little village of creepy houses, beautiful pumpkins, a lovely crescent moon and cute-but-sweet skulls and headstones to plant among the moss in our terrarium. She also gave me some great tips on how to build a real terrarium, and I’d be happy to pass what I learned along to you:

  First– you need a glass container with a lid and some potting soil (normal soil for plants like moss or violets, or cactus soil if you’re planting cacti or succulents) In order to keep your container mold and yuck-free, mix in some activated carbon (or charcoal, same thing), which can be found at most stores that sell fish aquariums. 

 After the soil has been mixed, you can plant your little world with moss, grass, small flowers like violets, or things like aloe or a cactus. I dug up some moss from my parent’s more woodland yard and a pair of wild violets that grow on the north side of my house! Once the greenery was in place, I misted it with a spray bottle of water and then went to work creating the village!

      This, of course, is where Miss Audrey and her decorating expertise came in handy, and she was so excited to pick each place where the houses, pumpkins, tombstones and skulls would live. The little crescent moon looks out over a little ‘hill’ we made by packing the soil underneath to be a little higher on one side. Talk about easy landscaping 😉


  Hope you enjoyed the little Halloween terrarium tour!
And if you’re a local artists or crafter, be sure to check out the Make Tulsa group, they are a fantastic source of information, comradery, and crafty opportunities. And even if you’re not in the area, the Make Tulsa Blog is full of really awesome information, from tutorials and advice on how to do craft shows, to interviews and info on some great up-and-coming artists and crafters.

Til next time!~

11 thoughts on “A Haunting Under Glass

  1. I have been wanting to make a wee scene in a terrarium for some time now, your little beauty just might be the kick in the pants that I need to get it done. Love it.


  2. This post makes me so happy. I'm glad I got to contribute to this endeavor, which turned out beautifully by the way. And of course you know how ecstatic I am about my end of the deal. I'm always up for trades when it comes to your gorgeous work. I'm such a groupie for you!


  3. This is really lovely. What a wonderful creation! Thank you for the detailed walk-through. I might try this for my Steampunk Study, as I know the Victorians were big on these things.


  4. Lovely lovely!!!! oh how I wanted to make such a sweet thing with the children now..will have to look after that kind of glassbottle somewhere..have never seen one here though. I loooved such things when I was child. thanks so much for the inspiration dearest you ***love Lycke


  5. This is just the cutest idea ever! The adorable Halloween village is so perfect in the landscape too. You and Audrey and Hollyhocks created a perfect little scene. Trcik or Treat!


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