Tasha Tuesday: Savoring Autumn

           I can’t believe that we’re in sight of the end of October. It seems like I just blinked and it was September. Now we’re headed straight for Halloween! It doesn’t seem like we’re in the heart of Autumn just yet, but I can see it fast approaching. Yesterday my friend Beth and I went for a good long walk at a local park and saw these brilliant trees turning all shades of orange and yellow.  Autumn is in bloom, if you can catch it!
   But when the temperatures are still in the 80’s, and the grass and many other trees are still, well, plain old green, it’s easy to forget that this is the season to take a moment and savor. But it’s so fleeting. It will probably be ‘the perfect autumn’ for all of a day, and I want to be able to enjoy it. Before a strong wind comes in and blows off all the leaves, or a sudden frost turns everything to abrupt November. But for now, let’s all take a moment to enjoy, just as Tasha would tell us to!

       I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year when I start dragging out my Tasha Tudor books. If anything, they are some of my favorite inspiration for creating a handmade holiday season and taking time to enjoy each stage of them as they come. 
    This morning I brought out my copy of Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts and love the autumn section— making candles, cider, dying yarns, knitting…..it’s a cozy time for crafting!
    It also made me curious about what it is about Tasha and her work or lifestyle that impress or inspire you. So I’m going to introduce a new series…..where you get to talk about Tasha Tudor in the Tasha Tuesday segment, and bring your own thoughts and inspiration to the mix. How does that sound?

    I’d like to start featuring other Tasha lovers on here, because I know we each bring our own unique perspective to the world, and I’d love to hear yours. If you’d like to write a little (or big, it’s up to you!) post about your love of Tasha, or something about her life, books, illustrating or gardening, please email me and we can get something put together for you! If you have your own blog I would be happy to post a link to it within your article, but you don’t have to have a blog to contribute. Everyone is welcome!

   Some ideas for a post might include how you can to know about Tasha, how she has influenced your life or holiday celebrations, how you identify with Tasha, if she has inspired you to do anything or change your life in any way, or even a craft project inspired by Tasha. The options are endless! And I’d love to hear it, and I know my readers would too!

   To inquire about your own Tasha Article, just email me at audreyeclectic (at) gmail . com

   And above all—
Have a happy Tasha Tuesday!~


Who is Tasha Tudor? Well, click here to read more!

5 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Savoring Autumn

  1. Oh I will think about what to write now! I´m thinking about Tasha´s dolls house. And about the fact that she is almost unknown here in Sweden, that I didn´t grow up with her books in any way and still found my way to her as an adult.


  2. Your photos of the beautiful colored leaves was so wonderful for those of us who don't have such an autumn. I can resonate with you about how often the temps still feel like summer, especially here in north Forida. W are supposed to have temps at 86 the next few days! Definitely not fall! I have seen Tasha's book of the seasons a long time ago and loved it. Perhaps I need to go to Amazon.com and get a copy for myself. I do have her Cristmas book Joy which I have enjoyed over the years. For purposes of today's Tasha Tuesday , I think what I appreciate the most about her was her preservation of those skills that served generations of Americans as they came here and settled all the way across the entire country. Each season had its own to do list in order to survive and meet what was coming next. I never really think about at much. Perhaps I should.


  3. To be honest, I don't know enough about Tasha Tudor! I first came upon her on another blog that shared her artwork and her stories, and now on your blog with your Tasha Tuesdays. I love her work and her lifestyle though, and I think I'll buy some books on her! I am so jealous of your gorgeous autumn leaves! They're all gone by the end of October here.


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