Christmas Postard Pre-Order

  It’s amazing to think that it’s time once again to start thinking about the Christmas postcard pre-orders, but here we are! And it’s nearly November! In order to ensure that you have your postcards to send to family and friends in a timely manner, I am going to offer pre-orders for larger quantities so that those of you who’d like to can have all the cards you need! I am also pleased to add that this year, I will be offering white envelopes to accompany each card! This pre-order will only last through Thursday, Nov. 1 and then I will place the order.

This year’s images will be:

Gerda’s Journey

Candlelight Prayers

Saint Lucia
The backs of the each design will feature this timeless and festive design:

  You are welcome to order sets of one image, or multiple, as long as you order 10 of each design. Once you have decided on the design and quantities of cards you would like to order, you can send an email labeled “Christmas Postcard Pre-Order” to me at Please let me know your paypal account email and I will send you a paypal invoice for your postcards!

Pricing per quantity is:

10 cards: $1o.00

25 cards: $18.00

50 cards: $28.00

100 cards: $35

Shipping is $4 in the US

And thank you so very much for your interest and support in my artwork! I am so blessed to have you all for friends and am so glad so many of you out there get happiness from the things I make. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!~


7 thoughts on “Christmas Postard Pre-Order

  1. My order email is in! These are just lovely and with my other pack I purchased earlier, I am excited to send out such beautiful and unique cards this year!


  2. Your work is beautiful, Heather! I love things that evoke the past, as your art does. Now you have me humming \”Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella.\” (Sam from


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