Madonna and Child in Blue

   Sometimes a painting makes me work for it. And this was one of those paintings. I started on it a few weeks ago, but the Madonna’s face just never looked right. It took a change in the direction of her gaze (from the baby to the star) and it all seemed to click.

    When I was creating this Madonna, I had an idea of the ‘look’ I wanted for her, and it was inspired by that iconic National Geographic cover of the Afghan girl with the startling green eyes. I wasn’t looking at the photo when I painted it, but the idea was in the back of my mind. Later, I searched the internet for information on the cover and came upon THIS article about the photographer who took the famous photo going back to the area to look for the woman– and finding her. Her story is heart-wrenching and humbling. It’s also amazing to think about what influence that ‘nameless young girl’– had on the world. And she didn’t even know it. Much like the young Mary, if you think about. Each girl was from different regions, different religions, and different millenia, but still– their quiet strength and perseverance were astonishing and ultimately had a worldwide impact. It’s amazing, isnt it? To think of the impact just one brave soul can have on the world?

   Of course now I see this and think “Gee, this would make a great Christmas postcard!” I think I’ll order some cards with this image on it as well. If you’d like this painting on a Christmas postcard, please read the Christmas Postcard Preorder post and make a request– I’ll be happy to order you some of this image as well!

    And so…I’ve got lots of ideas in my brain just waiting to be painted! This is such a lovely season!

Also— I am thinking so much about my east coast friends at this time. I hope that you and yours are safe and well as this monstrous storm washes ashore! I hope things aren’t too bad. Be safe!

   Til next time,

8 thoughts on “Madonna and Child in Blue

  1. I remember the girl, and her being found again, grown into a woman.Your image is beautiful and you're right, changing her gaze changes the picture. it makes her more pensive and reflective.


  2. This painting is quite beautiful and the relationship with the story of the Afghan girl makes it even more compelling! It is so hard to imagine a life that has been so hard and so difficult. And for sure, Mary found herself in similar uncertain and fearful circumstances.


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