Tasha Tuesday– Anniversary Celebrations

   Hello there, and happy Tuesday! I hope this afternoon finds you safe and happy— my mind has been on those in the path of hurricane Sandy and the rest of the messy weather since yesterday.

    Here things are quiet and cloudless and sunny, despite our desperate need for some good soaking rains. It’s been much cooler here though, making for some good sweater and knitwear weather, and Will and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday as well! of course I knew for dinner we’d have to have Will’s favorite— Tasha Tudor’s meatloaf. It’s my husband’s favorite special meal– I’m sure Tasha would be pleased to know that her dish is so well loved in the house 😉 even Miss Finicky thought it was good!
   You can find the recipe for Tasha’s meatloaf and many other wonderful dishes in her cookbook. It’s a great addition to my library of cooking books. If you’re a Tasha Tudor fan, or a fan of traditional homemade fare, I highly suggest it!

    As for us, we celebrated mostly on Sunday since we had some babysitting that day! We went to a really fun holiday party with the Make Tulsa members (every dish was either pumpkin or apple, it was pretty much heaven!) and then later that evening we went to downtown Tulsa to the gorgeous Trinity Episcopal Church and saw a night showing of the 1925 silent movie “The Phantom of the Opera” with live organ music. They showed the film in the huge chapel with its gothic arches and stained glass and a musician came in to play the giant organ with its pipes up the entire wall of the alter, all of this taking place in the pitch dark– it was really cool.  It was definitely a quirky way to spend an anniversary, but we love to do something a little spooky since its is so close to Halloween. I loved all the old costumes in the film, especially the little ballet dresses, and was mesmerized by Mary Philbin’s amazing locks— and the phantom’s goulish face!

   I am also really excited to report that I received (finally!) a copy of Becky’s Christmas in the mail, and looked through it this afternoon with a little bit of left-over anniversary pie. I am so thrilled to finally own a copy of this book I’ve wanted for several years now. A great way to end a weekend of anniversary celebrating!

   Now, back to painting I go! Hope you all have a safe and merry Halloween! How will you be celebrating?

And don’t forget— the Christmas Postcard Preorder is still going on! But only until Thursday! So let me know if you’d like any cards!~

6 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday– Anniversary Celebrations

  1. Such a cool way to spend an anniversary!! My son is obsessed with the phantom, played by Lon Chaney. He even knows that the phantom's real name is Erik! 🙂 You guys were so smart to get married in the fall! Best time possible to celebrate.


  2. Happy Anniversary- sounds like a great way to spend it!! And a great time of year to get married too. Did I dream this or did in a previous post you mention a good Halloween Pandora station?


  3. Happy Anniversary and your cope for Tasha's meatloaf does look delicious. I never knew that she had a cookbook with family type recipes either. That is what I love about Tasha Tuesday ! I always learn something new!!


  4. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a great way to spend it. :-)It's chilly here today and whole blog looks so warm and cosy since it's seasonal makeover. I think I'll just stay here all day and hope it makes me feel warmer.


  5. I just found your Tasha Tuesday. How ironic. I have been thinking about her this fall & actually wrote to her site and heard back, etc. They have had to do some work to keep her hollyhocks going. That day, I happened to gather my hollyhock seeds. She will continue to inspire for years to come.A lovely blog you have – I need to keep browsing – Smiles,JoeyLeaFeel free to meander on over to my blog if you like.http://thelocustblossom.blogspot.com/


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