The lovely depths of Autumn~

    We are in that moment– at the height and depth of Autumn. Especially in the areas of old trees in Tulsa, the colors are magnificent, nearly gilt in Gold as if they were the arches of a church. This morning my girl and I went out on some errands and it was perfect jumping-in-leaves weather. Funny, we have to go to the city to jump in the leaves 😉 trees are just fewer near our home.

   I’ve promised myself— I’m sure just as DaVinci and Monet and the other greats probably did– that I will get to paint, just as soon as I get the bathrooms cleaned. Ha! Well, so it is, the life of a painting Mama! But it will be all the more satisfying when I get to finally sit and paint, right?

   The holiday festiveness is starting to come out. There are buckets of tinsel and ornaments, gleaming bits and bobs, Thanksgiving decorations and all those pretty things that make the coming of the holidays that much more real. I’m getting excited about it! And although it would make Tasha Tudor gasp in horror, I’m going to drag out the Christmas stuff just as soon as I wake from my turkey coma and put of the Christmas decorations. I’m just really looking forward to it!

   Well, better get back to these chores! Thanks for coming by to visit me and go for a walk in the leaves!~

4 thoughts on “The lovely depths of Autumn~

  1. These photos of the autumn leaves are simply beautiful!! These truly are the glory days of autumn! Thanks for sharing. I am not ready for Christmas yet. It has so much hype that it wears me out just thinking about it. Maybe that is how it gets once your children grow up and leave home? I never start to decorate till after St. Lucia Day. There is something about late fall and Advent that feels so quiet and peaceful that I just want to enjoy that time.


  2. Oh, I had no idea you have autumn in Oklahoma- I had this idea that it´s really summer all year. Here in sweden there are no leaved left on the trees. And what a pretty church.I sent your letter today (finally)Hugs Sara


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