Remembrance and Thankfulness

 Hello and happy Veteran’s Day! It’s a rainy cold day here in Oklahoma– but the rain is so desperately needed and the cold just makes it possible to pull out the fancy hats, so I’m thankful.
   I’m also very thankful to our soldiers, past and present, and all those who have served their countries in honor and bravery. In recent months I’ve been reading and watching many films that have to do with WWI and WWII, and I find the sacrifices that so many have made in order for the good of mankind to prevail so humbling. I hope we can honor them in the highest degree by promoting peace and making their efforts well worth it.

   Not too long ago my grandpa let me borrow his army scrapbook from his time serving with the US Army in Germany. He had so many photos of his friends, both in the army and German civilians,  and also from the traveling he was able to do– to Switzerland, France, and England. I hope someday I can follow in Grandpa’s footsteps and see all these amazing sites in the comfort of peacetime. 

This morning when I went to by my groceries they were selling crepe paper poppies in remembrance of soldiers, so I bought one.  It brought a little cheer to a dreary day, and I was proud to wear it.  Today is also Remembrance Day  in the UK– most specifically in honor of the end of World War I “on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.” Poppies were selected as the emblem of Remembrance Day, inspired by the poem “In Flanders Field” These bright red flowers bloomed across many of the fields where some of the bloodiest battles took place, and was considered an appropriate symbol of the blood spilled there. Poppies have always been one of my very favorite flowers, and so I am happy that they have such an honorable meaning.

   And with all this feeling thankful going on, I am also really thankful and excited about some news I have!~ My painting “Madonna of the Blossoms” is currently on the cover of the national publication “The Anglican Digest.” Many Anglicans and Episcopalians across the country receive this little magazine with all its wonderful stories and insights on a quarterly basis and I’m flattered to have been chosen as their ‘cover girl’, hehe.
  If you happen to get this magazine then, you’ll see something a bit familiar when you open it up! I’m so pleased to have been asked, this is the first time I’ve ever been on the cover of anything with a national circulation. So I am very honored!~

   Well, back to the painting table for me! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon, I will see you back here next week!~

8 thoughts on “Remembrance and Thankfulness

  1. Oh Heather, she is absolutely beautiful. You must be so proud.My father, just turned ninety, almost lost his life as a commando in Yugoslavia on June 6th 1944. We urged him to write down his memoires of those war years and they make for compelling reading.Stephanie


  2. I remember when my parents used to wear those crepe poppies every year and it is so nice to know that they are still around. Congratulations on your photo being chosen for the Anglican Digest!!! That is so awesome!! The photo is so perfect for the upcoming season of Advent and Christmas.


  3. That is absolutely amazing news! The painting is so beautiful – and what an honor that so many get to see your work! 🙂 We had a special pre-Veterans Day honor – my nephew decided to honor his Uncle (my hubby – who is a Navy vet) at his school for Veterans Day. They had a whole celebration, complete with songs, poems and letters. My hubby gave our nephew his sailor hat…it was such a special day!


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