Bits of Sweden in my kitchen

   Perhaps it’s because this time last year, we really thought we were going to be moving (ha!) and I practically ripped the Christmas decorations down as soon as the stockings were empty that I’ve embraced Christmas this year with such fervor. If I’m settling in here, well, I will do it with relish! And all the garland and festivities that this house can hold 😉

   Well, I will try to practice a little restraint— but I do love creating a cozy atmosphere that only Christmas can bring. Today I fancied up the kitchen a bit with some Swedish pieces I’ve been saving for a while— I bought a little live tree for the corner and decorated it with some festive little ornaments I’ve made through the years as well as some Swedish straw ornaments that I bought in Lindsborg last spring.

   I’ve also been utilizing etsy in my search for pretty Swedish things, and came upon the etsy shop of Ann-Christin Ljungberg and bought several vintage linens from her! Her shop is where the embroidered God Jul tapestry on the wall came from, and also the little red cloth with the church and the candle that I now have on my kitchen table. I just love how it all looks with the folksy stuff I already had in there. I hope Carl Larsson would be proud 😉

   And in the spirit of a Swedish Christmas I had an idea— tell me what you think. What if I hosted a little blog party on the theme of Swedish Christmas (or something loosely to do with Sweden and Christmas, be it tomtes, St. Lucia, etc.) I was thinking of hosting it on St. Lucia Day and calling it our “St. Lucia Blog Processions.”

   Each participating blog would get a little banner or button to display saying they were participating, and I would put a list of participating blogs in my sidebar, so that people could easily visit each of the participating blogs. It’s a great way to not only get to know other people who love the same things you love, but also generate traffic to your blog and invite others to see your space. What do you think? Would you be up for it? It wouldn’t have to be a big production— it can be as big or small as you’d like. Let me know if you all are game and I’ll make the graphics and start scheming!

   God Jul and much merriness to you!~

PS: Want some ideas about a blog post for the procession? Visit my Scandinavian pinterest board!

11 thoughts on “Bits of Sweden in my kitchen

  1. Heather! This would be a lovely idea!! Although I don't have a real blog, I would just love to blog hop with everyone and enjoy the festivities. Your kitchen looks very festive and cozy with your Swedish accents!! Soon it will be time for me to get my Norweigan accents out that came from my husband's lineage. You have inspired me to do a Norweigan Christmas theme this year which I have not done since my children were little. Oh, the tomtes!!!


  2. That little tree is so sweet! Sadly I daren't have a live tree in the house after an expensive vet bill a few years back when one of the dogs ate a bunch of the needles that had dropped!!The blog party sounds interesting, tell me more 🙂


  3. Yay! I just added you to the procession list! I will be posting the image for the blog procession shortly so you can use it as well. Yay, well, at least there will be you and me, hehe!


  4. Yes, it will be lots of fun! And I look forward to seeing a photo of your Norwegian tree! I know it will be lovely! I like having the small kitchen tree because it fills up fast, and having it be simple makes it look more homespun. And yay for tomtes!


  5. Oh no! Poor pup! I had a little tree like this is the kitchen last year, and thankfully it didnt shed too much and the dogs werent interested in it. I've given up poinsettias since they're poisonous too….And I will be posting more about the blog procession! Maybe you'd like to take part?


  6. Heather, I havent been here for a while and now Ive found so many lovely post. I need to do a serius catch-up with your stuff.Well-done on your kitchen – it's cosy, it's festive and it's Swedish. Be proud of yourself! Love the photo and especially the tablecloth in it as well as the God Jul hanging decoration. Is it cross stitch maybe?Your photos reminds me of the photos from the cross stitch book by Ingrid Plum. She has published 3 or 4 books and the photos look so Old /Vintage Scandinavian and festive. Fab!Well, as for the Scandi-obsession and St Lucia Day, could I perhaps join with my Scandi stuff and Scandi shopping? 😉 I'd love to take up a challenge and make something special for this day.I'll spread the word about it on my blog too so perhaps even more people would love to join. I've started following your Scandi board on Pinterest. See you there!


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