St. Lucia Blog Procession

    This Christmas I’m really looking forward to embracing little holiday celebrations into my family and my blog, and I want to invite you to take part! On December 13, St. Lucia Day, I will be hosting a “St. Lucia Blog Procession” in which I and other bloggers (like you!) can host a St.Lucia/ Swedish Christmas/ Scandinavian themed post! 

    I’ve created the image above for anyone who would like to participate to use on their blog. Just right click it and “save” to your computer. You can use the image for your blog side bar, facebook page, posts, etc. If you’d like to participate, just leave me a comment here on this post or email me, and I will add your blog to the ‘procession’ on my sidebar! Then on the day of the celebration, we can all do our posts and then visit the blog of all the participants to wish them a lovely ‘God Jul.’

   What you’d like to post for the procession is completely up to you as long as it ties into the theme in some way! You can post about St. Lucia if you wish, but other things such as Scandivavian Christmas traditions, recipes, crafts, tomtes, Scandinavian authors and artists, folktales, etc. It’s completely up to you and whatever catches your fancy! Also– if you have a stronger connection to, say, Norway or Finland— that is welcome too! We’re including all ‘Scandinavian’ to encompass the whole region! When you publish your post, please link back to my blog, so that your visitors may see the whole procession of blogs.

  I do hope you’ll attend, or at least come by to visit on Dec. 13 and visit all the blogs taking part! It will be lighthearted and very fun I think, and a great way to meet like-minded friends and also discover new blogs!

  To get us all into the spirit of things, I’ve linked to a video below of an actual St. Lucia Procession, with the traditional song sung in Swedish. Hope to see you in the procession!


UPDATE: It’s been decided that on the day of the procession I will add a linky tool to my post, and then participating blogs can add their link and a thumbnail image to the post to make the linking easier! So look for that on Dec. 13 when you’ve done your post! I will still be linking participants on the sidebar though, to keep track of our procession, so still let me know if you’re wanting to join in! Thanks!

26 thoughts on “St. Lucia Blog Procession

  1. Cool!I will! Thanks! Will be looking forward to visiting all blogs with Scandi theme on them! I'll blog about it and spread the word on Facebook. I've just decided that my knitted balls – all 55 – MUST BE finished at any prace by St Lucia Day. It would be great to feature them all then!


  2. my tree wont be up until 18th or 19th dec, I think, sometime in the week before the schools break up for xmas.I'll decorate it but I'm flying home for Xmas anyway but will be back to enjoy it right before the new year's eve :)I've juts blogged about your blog party 🙂 lets hope this will attract more people. good luck with hosting!getting excited already!


  3. This is going to be such great fun! Thanks Heather for thinking of a new and exciting way for all of us to share together this holiday season!! Let the inspiration begin!


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